Saturday, November 19, 2011


Some girls fall for guys with a wickedly handsome smile, rugged charm and looks that could melt any girl's heart. Some girls fall for their best friend who may not return their feelings. Some fall for the handsome stranger they barely know. Some fall for the well-groomed fastidious guys. Or the hunky football player at school.

~I don't want a guy who can charm any girl he meets.
~I don't want a guy who'll get bored of me when I get fat and old.
~I don't want a guy who doesn't feel the same way about me.
~I don't want him to be extraordinarily handsome.
~ I don't want a stranger with a mysterious smile.
~I don't want a guy who has more makeup than me.
~ I don't want Mr. Muscles.
~I don't want a smarty pants.
~I don't want a guy who flirts with everyone when he's with me.
~I don't want a guy who treat me like dirt.
I want a guy who loves me for who I am.
I want a guy who's not afraid to be himself with me.
I want a guy I can tell lame jokes to and laugh about how lame it is!
I want a guy who smiles and loves people. I want a guy who's not afraid to tell me how he feels.
I want a guy who knows I'm upset even when I say I'm not,
I want a guy who shows me he cares.
I want a guy who loves my family.
I want a guy who loves God.
I want a guy who's cute when he's embarrassed.
I want a guy who thinks I'm beautiful when I look like a gorilla.
I want a guy who teases me and makes me laugh.
I want a guy who will argue with me and try to make it up to me later.
I want a guy who will write silly songs and play the guitar with a goofy grin just to make my day better.
I want a guy that's willing to dance in the rain with me.
I want a guy who throws snowballs at me and runs away when I chase him.
I want a guy who doesn't judge me by how I look or what I wear.
I want him to sing to me even if he's terrible at it.
I want him to hold my hand when I'm afraid and get angry when people insult me.
But mostly, I want a guy who'll be my best friend. Who'll never lie to me or break my heart.

I don't want him to be perfect. I want him to have flaws that make him different from any other guy.
I don't mind if he doesn't fit my criteria list.
I just want him to be a guy who'll love me and be loyal to me.
That's all I want.
I don't care if he's nothing like Logan Lerman or Taylor Lautner.
If he's hot, silly, dorky or crazy,
It doesn't matter to me.
As long as he treats me right and loves me, I'm contented.
That's for all the girls who just want the 'hottest' or 'baddest' guy. I don't want a 'hot' guy or the 'perfect' guy. I want a 'real' guy who will love me for who I am.
Advice: Don't mistake attraction for love. 

The major difference between love and attraction is that love is pure and it stays with one forever, where as attraction is just for the time being. In love one can never get over someone they love and in attraction with the passage of time, people forget about it. Love is a pure feeling, where you fall in love, with someone who is love of your life and you want to spend your life with that person.

Their happiness is all that matter to you and they are the most important people to you on the face of this earth. No matter how hard one tire cannot get rid of the feeling of being in life and cannot forget anything about someone they love. As far as attraction is concerned, it is basically because of the reason for liking them, either physically or mentally or maybe by personality.

Attraction is for the time being and people get over with the feeling as time moves on. And soon they are love with someone else, this is not love, love is something entirely different. It is a feeling which does not reduce with time but it increases as time move up. The story of love is different and many have not understood it but yet fall for it.

We all have problems with this 'unknown' species called males. Just bear with them xP.

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