Monday, November 28, 2011

Choosing a haircut.

Yay! Happy 21th post! :D My favorite number :)

Okay..Here we go, Joy.
This is unfortunately the best I could find. With fringe of course! (Just imagine it there)

                                                             This is nice ...But not really suitable maybe?
                                                     Emma Roberts. I quite like this one :)

                                                         I don't know who this is but her hair is pretty cool.
                                                     Emma Watson <3 Hermione! Haha! Pretty but not what I had in  mind..
                                              LOL. Or just get a bob? I'm kidding!! But she has nice hair :)
                                                  When all else fails... BOO. LOL! Ehh. Skeptical shrug.
                                                               Just kidding.
                                                      A.J. Cook :) Not bad ..

I'm considering Emma Roberts and A.J. Cook . Joy :) Help me.

In desperate need of help:
Maine :)

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