Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fishtail Pigtails

I got this amazing idea from Youtube! I love fishtail braids but my hair was just too thick and layered to look nice. I'm going to try it out soon :)

The VBS preparations are on tomorrow. I can't wait :)
Jeans, Fern and Esther are in my group!
Most of the helpers are people I know as well :D .
It's gonna be super exciting! Looking forward to the Wet World trip!

Reading up on Seventeen Magazine 's website. I love the tips and tricks they have ;).

Came up with a new poem when I was soaking my hair in a Chamomile and Lemon mixture.
My hands were too occupied to write it down. Darn it! One good poem gone before I know it :(

I have been spacing out a lot today.  Got a laughing fit in Sunday School because Meg and Joy kept staring at me =.= . Cheryl got a haircut! It looks cute on her :)

I think I've been spacing out because I got a weird dream again last night. Trying to figure out what it means makes me blur.

Nora Roberts writes some of the best Crime Fiction Romance stories I've ever read :) Nightshade was epic :) I love the Night Series!

That's all for now till my next post :)



  1. indeed you have been spacing out~ but you noe there's always us if you wanna talk~ Books!! Christy miller is my fav for now... you lucky got esther jeans and fern.. Its kinda awkward trying to talk to people~ but i'm getting used to it!

  2. Yeah! I'll try but it's weird getting this dream again after so many years!! I got it when I was 7 or 8 and I got it again! deja vu :( I will talk to you once I figure out what it means =.= It sounds really nice! Christy Miller ;)

    Yeah it is! Haha!! I keep changing kids! All of them are cute and fluffy! :O


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