Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Glimpse of Banana Maine's Life

Hey :) Welcome to my blog.
You might have read my first (rather threatening) post, and maybe you haven't.
I would like to apologize quickly for the threats (Although I do mean it) because it might have scarred you for life.
Another thing I want to apologize for, is the serious way I blog/write/state.
Okay, I'll probably go insane in the later posts, so bleugh.
Here's a peak into my 'banana' life ;)
 I was born on 21 January 1997. From the time I was a baby till now, I've always been called Maine. Never Charmaine. So when I introduce myself, I feel like I talking about a complete stranger. Let's just go with Maine (or Banana Maine) =]. If you're wondering, a Banana means someone who can't speak Mandarin. I can speak and understand Hokkien, not that it matters or anything. HAHAHA.

*Back to the story*:-

From what I can recall about my childhood, I remember being a happy hyperactive little girl who never stopped smiling. I was, as you could say, fortunate to be blessed with a great family. I used to run around playing with the kittens, listening to Westlife CDs , attempt to play the piano (before my classes-a gift from my uncle), read a lot of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, as well as many others. I was taught to write before I learned how to write. I've been reading ever since I was 4. I didn't go to kindergarten until I was 6. I was home-schooled when I was 5.

I didn't understand Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Robinson Crusoe, and Black Beauty. I couldn't understand the story at all. But it fascinated me, so I spent my free time (When I wasn't running around with Ryan,going to Jonathan, Kevin (Justin wasn't born yet) Wong's house to play, or helping my Mum in the kitchen) re-reading the books over and over again till I finally understood them.

People may think that's a strange hobby for a 5 year old, but it was completely normal to me.At the end of October, I began my piano lessons.

I went to kindergarten the next year. I loved the food, the lessons, even the Mandarin classes were fun. My Mandarin teacher always had interesting designs on her nails. I spent most of the lesson, observing her nails.

There's also someone else who was my friend at that time.Our friendship ended at the end of August when I was 11, because well, things changed. Sometimes I wonder if what we had was a real friendship or a forced companionship. I have to admit that maybe losing a friend is better than being friends with someone you had nothing in common at all. That doesn't mean that I don't miss her sometimes.

You can't just throw a friendship away like it means nothing to you when it's been there for years. We were, as you could say, complete opposites, which was a contributing factor to why we never were as close as we should have been.

It hurts but I'm doing my best to heal everyday. This is probably one of the reasons why I'm serious, distant and quiet at times. I haven't talk to her in years. Ignore her maybe? Yup...Pretty hard when she lives right next door.

A poem I found which describes it pretty well:

  Funny how friends say forever,
people never seem to stay together

You told me not to worry, told me not to cry,
you said we were best friends, it was a lie.

I'm here still pretending not to care,
pretending I don't notice you're never there.

To have a bond like we did was amazing,
but you picked them over me, just replacing.

You hurt me so bad you will never know,
and the pain I keep inside I will never show.

You'd probably see it if you just tried,
and know how many nights I have cried.

But don't worry I'll be fine,
I'm not the one who left all my friends behind.


I treasure the friendships I have now. I know they might not last forever but I have faith in my friends. I regard it as the highest  dishonor to mistrust friends. We all have our faults but true friendships don't allow little problems to get between them and cause bitchy fights. That's why I hate it when my friends argue and don't speak to each other for days.

Friends are supposed to to be there: till the very end. There's no problems that cannot be mend. -Banana Maine. I might have walked away from that friendship. But that was because it was the only was I could heal. There's scars in my heart that can't heal, a lot of secrets that I conceal, which would hopefully someday be revealed. (Hey, that rhymed.)

Like I've said before. I have secrets in my life which I've never told anyone. But I believe it's better not to reveal it because I'm worried about what people might think about me. Someday.. Maybe someday, I'll tell you more about it.


As for my primary school life:

I spent my days hanging out with friends, not paying much attention to my studies and voila! Beating boys up. I can't help grinning when I think about the fact, even after all these years when they see me and recognize  me , they would start giving me the wide-eyed scared rabbit glances and hightail out of there before I can say "Boo!" . Sigh..Old memories. My reputation has done well to earn respect from my secondary school mates. Except the few idiotas who are so stupid , they don't get the fact I hate being annoyed by them! But yeah, what would I do without you :) (No offence)

Don't get me wrong. I do it to protect girls who are constantly bullied by bullies. So in other words, I'm bullies' worse nightmare. :) Bullying bullies. The irony, Maine. Sheesh.


My secondary school life has been kind to me. I'm not really attached to a certain group of friends, so I usually flock around and talk to people I like and know. Hehe. The guys are ridiculous, but still very funny. The girls are thankfully not judgemental or anything that makes me dislike them. So yeah, I fit in like an odd glove.

More facts:

I write poetry (you'd be surprised to know how much fun it actually is!)
And short stories. (Yeah, working on it.)
I quit piano lessons because it just wasn't what I had in mind for my piano ambitions. I can't read sheets very well :P
I'm playing by myself now which is exactly what I had in mind. (With the help of Youtube)
I can play by the ear. Working on the left hand though.
I can play the guitar! Jeng jeng jeng.

I don't wear much makeup. I NEVER wear makeup. Hahaha. I'm too lazy for that. Lipbalm is a yes because I have dry lips sometimes :(

I don't judge people by their looks, I evaluate them by their attitude and personality.

This is weird, but I experiment with hair everyday. If you don't believe me, ask my friends who get attacked by me all the time, when I'm bored.
I love J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Cecelia Ahern, Melissa Hill, Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinley, Sophie Kinsella and any authors that associate with crime fiction, mythology,humour, magic or romance :)

Favourite music? Anything ranging from rock to country to pop. I just like what I like :P

I don't have a favorite color in particular. I like anything that looks good :) but I do prefer black.

I like Yoouuuu-chhoouubb. Wattpad, Blogger, weheartit and etc.

I'm not guy crazy. I notice cute guys like every normal girl, but when I like one guy, I don't like any other guys at the same time :) I'm odd that way.

I'm a shopaholic. Gaih.

It's funny how we take things for granted, until we lose what truly means the most to us. 

Okay..That's enough for now :D Till next time!

Te amo,

Maine ;)

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