Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hairstyles and Dilemmas

This is awfully cute and simple! I love it :) <3

VBS is over! Cried myself to sleep! I'm going to miss the fun and kids :(

A little too lala for me but it'd be fun to try :)

I like this one :) It's really simple and cute!

I used to think my hair was straight but I found out it actually has a wavy texture O_O. I don't mind it so much but I think I cause it to happen because I'm always bunning up my hair xP.
It was super straight when I was younger! 
I'm thinking about cutting my hair back to shoulder-length or a little over the shoulder. 
My hair is getting thicker and heavier and it's driving me crazy! 
Or maybe I should just trim it a little.
The bad news is if I do cut it shorter, I won't be able to do all the fancy, wancy braids anymore :(
Or silly pigtails!
The main question is, do I really need long hair? >.< 
My hair is soft and smooth but seriously hard to manage! 
Maybe I'll cut it off next year if I decide to.
My mum says it's up to me but I'm naturally undecisive!
I'm keeping it layered..Or I'll layer it a little more. 
I think I should...
I asked Jeans and she said it's up to me! 
Sheesh..She's like my mum! xD
Haven't ask Joy yet...I have know idea what she'll say. 
Probably what Jeans said!
Planning not to tell Esther,Megan and Cheryl.
I want to give them heart attacks!
I'm telling Joy because she's my twin and she'll find out anyway :)
Jeans, because she's good at giving her opinion? xP LOL.
Lol...I guess I will cut it.
I'm not good at making my mind up...
Might regret it but there's a chance it could turn out nice :)
I want them to shampoo my hair! LOL. 
It was so nice I almost fell asleep. xP
 Okay: Final decision: I will cut my hair!!
Or maybe not...Argghhh!! 
Later : Later :/
  Yes. I will. 
Hope I don't regret it :S

That's all for now :/

Maine :D


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