Friday, November 11, 2011

Maine :)

 Dear stalkers, spammers and advertisers:

This is a blog!
Not a catalog!
Spam it and you'll be blocked!
Ask me to see your blog and you'll be mocked!
Constantly tortured and stalked!

You have been warned: Strangers, advertisements and numbskulls are not invited to view this page.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hope you liked the warm welcome :)

To friends, enemies, and people who know me:

A banana chocolate fruit ice cream to you :) Loves! Maine <3

The contents will consist of comments, events and programs.
Await the next post with suspense.

*This message is meant to sound serious. I've had it with spammers!* 

Lots of Love,
Maine :)

To advertisers: Blimey hell! Can you just get the message and leave?

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