Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nail Designs :)

This is pretty cute :)

I've got this crazy to paint my nails all different colors and designs. It'll have to wait since I've got to go to school tomorrow but I'll upload the pictures when I'm done :)


I prefer this design minus the pearls! :) Bought some heart shaped rhinestones in Subang Jaya the other day . ;) Maybe I can add them on to one design.

I love one stroke designs. It's just so pretty and fascinating!
This video is another pretty example. Not partial to the base coat though.

You'll need to use CC cause it's in French.

Ma Galarie Nail Art

The link above has stunningly unique nails :)

I love the 3D effect <3

Magical Nails

This website provides a ton of information on nails :)

I wish I could buy acrylic paint for nails :(

A pop of hair! :)
I'm wearing this at the moment :) My phone's next to my bed so I'm too lazy to get it to take photos.

I'm going to wear this on Sunday :) Probably. Maybe. We'll see ;)

That's all for now :)

L'amour, la banane du Maine.

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