Thursday, November 24, 2011

VBS, More Braids and Random stuff ;)


VBS was awesome! I'm too lazy to type down ever single detail but I'll give you the highlights :)
~ I was assigned to 4 kids on the first day but I lost track of them so I switched kids. I switch kids 4-5 times a day =.=

~ One girl had a major crush on David Poh, Darren , Tybalt and Jeremy! Haha!! It was awkward O_O.

~ Nicolas, Laurence and Dunno-What-Yee kept poking me cause they liked to hear me squeal :(

~ First day was awkward. A few kids cried cause they weren't used to the noise! Today was probably the best day :)

~ I loved the food craft station! Lovely food :) Had 6 kids on the first day to take care of. 7 the next day! Then I had 7 again but Darren dragged one boy to another table because the teacher said 6 per table! I feel so loved! *LOL*

~ The 3 kids I took care of today during the ending Praise and Worship were so cute!! Esther wanted me to go behind to sit with the kids but the girls didn't let me go! They just dragged me down and sat on me! The liked the ice cream/cake earrings I wore and kept playing with my nails! I just kept playing and joking around with them! The ink from the white marker pen got scraped off by them :) So cutteee!!

~ Had 11 kids to watch over during the altar call. They all said they were Christians so they didn't need the Salvation form -.- Jeans and Fern already went over the Mandarin side! I just explained the topic to them and helped them to understand the stories in the book. Then I prayed for them.

~Had the discussion after activities! Darren had the idea to huddle and go " Whoo!" or something. We were the only ones doing it so we got weird looks from people! hahaha!!! So funny!

~ Almost fell asleep in the Adventure station. The music woke me up!!

~ I miss the sleepover at Megan's house!! It was epic! :)

~ High five-d all my kids when they went home. I'm going to miss them after VBS!!

~Got a weird laughing fit when I was sitting down before the games. I had to avoid eye contact and keep very quiet to make the laughter subside >.< Didn't look at anyone and smiled! Was scared of laughing like a mad woman!

~ Daniel called me when we were having the briefing after VBS was over. I just switched name tags with Grace so I said "My name's not Charmaine. It's Grace Amanda ." He said "Haha..Very funny." So I flashed him the name tag and started laughing in Esther's back.

That's about all I can remember about VBS :) Or I'm too lazy to type down! Lol!

Trying this on next week or when I feel like it :)
It's a very simple but cool hairstyle!
I adore Bohemian and any types of braids! :)


My parents have a holiday next Monday. I asked my dad if he could take us to Genting Highlands or Cameron and he said okay! :D

Trying to get highlights on my hair :) Hehe ;)

Bored of typing!

Maine :)

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