Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where The Nerds Rule :)

I love this website <3

Where you can find me:

Where you can find my awesome twin :)


This website is highly recommended for nerds, romantics, fanatics, poetics, adventuristics ( I made that up) , Thrilleristics, and anyone who can read :)

It would take you barely a second to find out how much fun it is !

You can write your own stories and read others as well.

This website contains unpublished  books (or stories). Not stories that have already been published like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. (You can find fan fictions though: Personally I think 'Hoping For A Better Future-Serena Snape' is a great place to start!)

Also, beware of copyright infringements. Do not copy or steal other people's story. Even if you make it into your own! >:(

That's all for now :)

Je T'aime,
Maine :)

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