Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Re-piercing Ears :O

Heyyyyy :)
Aren't you proud of me?
I think I'm been blogging almost 4 days in a row. ._.
So anyway...
I didn't go to school today.
Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Lazy Maine.
I'm having period cramps again.

I'm planning to re-pierce my ears during the holidays. 
My second piercings closed up after I got ear infections.
I think I'm allergic to a certain type of gold.
Because when I got my first piercings, I used gold earrings and they were fine.
But my second piercings itched and had pus coming out.
It got super swollen even when I took off the earrings :/
After the swell went down, my ear was still sore so I didn't wear earrings.
After a day or two, BAM. The holes closed up.
Which is kinda weird.
Because a few years ago, I didn't wear earrings for my first piercings for almost 8 months and it was fine.
So I'm going to re-pierce the second piercings! :)
Going through the process of torture again O_O
Just kidding. It doesn't really hurt. But it feels odd.
Will get silver earrings this time. Hope it does not get an infection!
20 bucks down the drain :/
But it'd be dangerous to attempt to reopen the piercings by myself.
So I'll just waste my money (:
Bought the latest Cleo magazine.
I need more things to read! :/
I have to buy more earrings for my second piercings. Someday.
I'm getting weird cravings lately.
I eat something. And get hungry 2 minutes later.
I spent the whole day yesterday, just stuffing my mouth with food.
._. I really need to exercise. 
Nom nom nom.
Dad says I'm getting more pimples because I ate too much chocolate this week.
Just kidding.
Going to church this Saturday :D 
I love church.
And hate school.
Well, not really.
I like school. 
But I just hate it too if that makes any sense.
This post is getting too long.
And I'm hungry....
Oh wait a sec, something I want to comment on is the use of the *drumroll* *NOT* f-word.
I get it, most people say it.
Even I do. 
But that's only when I'm really pissed off, like when someone throws my stuff in the drain and I can't get it back because it's submerged in stinky water.
That usually happens in school.
I get that some of my friends say it too.
And I can pretty much understand why they do. 
Sometimes you feel so mad, in a way it helps you relieve the anger you feel inside.
I know it's wrong to say it... But sometimes, it helps to get rid of the anger I feel.
Well besides, punching the idiot in the face.
I feel guilty when I say it.
So I try my best not to use it.
But for the people who inserts it in every sentence? 
That's just sick.
I don't see what's the point of saying f-u, every second.
Meekkksss. That's all for the rant.
Sorryyyy D:

<3 :) Maine.

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