Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bought The Books! :)

Got mah books! :)

Nicholas Sparks-The Rescue

 Rick Riordan (The Writer of The Percy Jackson and The Olympian series)- 2 Red Pyramid Books

And I have a soft spot for classics like these :

Haha! Books are just so tempting. Like a box of chocolates.(:

Got really pissed off earlier because of something someone said to me but Joy talked me out of loosing my temper.

Thanks twin! :D

I have to pack for camp tomorrow.
That's right.
Delay, delay, delay.

But I don't careeeeeeeee :P

        Playing with the specs Jeans found during the store cleanup! ;)
          Joy's giving me that look because I won't smile at her. HAHA.
    Out on the windy balcony! :D

Nites peeps! :D


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