Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cookies! (:

Made polymer clay cookies today after I came back from church! :)

It looks weird to me.. But oh well. HAHA.

Made the paint smudgy so that the cookies would look more realistic. O_O

Yay! Four cookies. So proud of my failed attempt. HAHA.
Yeah. I have a mental problem.

Cookie on the left was the second one I made. Not so many chips. HAHA.
Cookie No. 3 is next to it and it has a lot of chips! So yummy looking.

 Cookie on the left is super dark and it's the original color that came out of the acrylic paint tube PLUS some yellow paint too.

Cookie next to it was an accident actually. HAHA. It's the only one that I mixed the entire cookie inside-out with the brown paint. And I was too lazy to paint the chips completely dark brown.
MIGHT be wearing it to camp as a necklace.

HAHA. But it isn't so nice :/

Going to Jusco soon with my mum to get some books! She has some free vouchers :D

Rick Riordan's Kane Pyramid looks awesome plus some old-type classics that I love :)

Camp is in 2 days! :D


Just kidding.



What am I saying.


Bye! :)

Maine <3

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