Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dreaming About Someone Else

Hey! :) I'm blogging again. :O
What a surprise.

I sent an email to my cousin, Charlene this morning!
First time I've ever done that.
I usually just have conversations with her on the phone. O_O
I wasn't sure what to say...
So I just said silly things that made no sense :P

I'm supposed to be studying for my monthly test.
But I'm just mostly practicing my piano and guitar.
Sleeping, eating more chocolate than ever, and reading more often.
I hate tests. :/
Not for Brother to read: (You have been warned)
I wrote a post earlier. About a guy I like. I saw him today. To be honest, I thought I liked him in a not-so-crazy-about-him-way. But when I saw him... I guess you could say I was lying to myself :P
Crazy heartbeats and I can't stop staring. Felt like giggling for no reason.

But the problem is... I felt pretty confused. Why?
I've had visions in the past. Sometimes, my visions actually happens and it feels like deja vu.
I've been having visions more frequently nowadays. And it's always about the same person!
And yesshhh. It is a guy.
A guy that I've never met before. I've been having these dreams/visions since I was 13. 
I don't understand what it means. I'm not even sure I want to.
How can I like someone in real life? And feel so in love with a guy I've only dreamed about?
It just feels silly to do so.

Yeahhh. Enough blabbing for now. HAHAHA.


Maine <3

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