Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have a Temper? Hell Yeah I do.

Hey there! :)
A lot of ranting.
Just kidding.
Not really.

Okay. Here goes.

I have a temper.
A very very bad temper.
That only comes out whenever I'm feeling extremely angry, irritated or disgusted.

It's usually easy to see when I'm angry.
I sulk. Reply to the person I'm mad at in really short crisp words.
Glare. Bit my tongue to keep myself from hurling abusive words at the person.
Roll my eyes. (Very common) Talk sarcastically in an annoyed manner.
When people ask me if I'm mad:
I say "I'm not mad." when I'm thinking:

I usually get over my silent tantrums pretty fast.
I'm not the type to hold grudges.

Rant time.

 I hate it when:
 ~You tell me things like "Eww! You like totally have a pimple on your face and it's totally big!"   You don't say?
   Honestly. Don't you think, I would have noticed that cause I looked at myself in the mirror today?
   Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious.

~ You point out my flaws. As if I don't know them.

~Racism happens.When one person of a certain race does something wrong, it doesn't mean that his entire race is guilty of doing the same thing.
Racist bastard.

~You use disgusting grammar.

~You make me feel inferior and ashamed because of a certain thing I like.

~You insult the things I like because it ain't your type.
(I know I'm a hypocrite because I insulted Twilight. But please. Twilight IS platypus dung and somewhere, deep deep inside. You realize that.)

~You know I'm mad but you just keep insulting me.

~You scream in my ear as if I'm deaf.

~You said things like "Gosh! That shirt looks totally old and outdated."
  What am I? Paris Hilton's fashionable chihuahua?
  I don't care about the clothes I wear. It wouldn't kill you to be less shallow about 'style', would it?

~You gossip behind my back.

~You brag about your new chihuahua, pig, donkey.

~You talk to me in a condescending as if I'm some kind of idiot that can't understand you.

Get a life.

Thank you.

If you asked me if this post relates to you in any way.
I won't lie.
So don't get upset when I tell you the truth.
Most likely, you have done something to make me mad.
But I'll forgive you anyway.

Just don't push your buttons too far.
You'd know I'm mad when I start cussing you under my breath and walk off. 

I know. I know.
Such an angry post.
But if you DO want to voice your opinion, prepare yourself for a long debate cause I won't give in no matter what you say.
Stop being irksome.
It's irky.

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