Friday, March 9, 2012

Holidays :)

Le exam is finally over! :)
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

One whole week of holidays coming up!
Not as excited as I should be.
I don't know why.

Feeling slightly depressed every now and then too.
Not sure if it's because of the exams or lack of chocolate indulgence.

Went mad after the final paper was over!
Everyone was screaming and fighting to run out of the school!
I just screamed and ran out of the class, flapping my wings (arms) like a bird.

Waved goodbye to my friends before running down the stairs.

I felt happier after I bought chocolate from 99!
Made me a bit drunk and stupid.
Screamed "Happy Holidays!!!!" at the Malay boys from my class and they yelled " ORANG MABUK!!" back at me.

My mum came late. So I kept saying "Bye! Happy Holidays!" to everyone I knew who was walking home to the point I just wanted to sleep on the ground.

Most of the questions in the exams was Boleh Tahan. Dare not say easy. Might get a B and feel embarrassed. Sejarah was surprisingly boleh tahan. Still expecting an F.. KH was sap-sap. Even though I didn't study for it ._. Geografi was an okay-okay test too.

Ever since me, Esther and Jun Ann started calling Vemlan-> Watermelon and Afif -> AFifthRoot ( Don't blame me. We have the same Maths and Science tuition!) They, (Watermelon and FifthRoot) always say hi in school. HAHA. Vemlan chose Watermelon all by himself. So proud of the big baby. (I'M KIDDING)


Sharing a tent with Jeans and Joy!

Don't really care about exam results! HAHA. As long as it's not a D.

E and F is okay.

I'm not crazy.

By the way, Ryan Higa re-edited the KONY 2012 video and left out the part where he donated some money to the organization because people was saying it's about Awareness NOT donation. So I guess it's a good thing. HAHAHA.

 Slowly loosing my soul to 9gag.



Dad is feeling better. But the 9gag badges has to be on hold for a while.

Bought more Lucido-L hair products. Getting addicted to it. HAHAHA.

Going camp shopping! :D SOON.

Aunt Pam from Aussie is here and my aunt wants to take her (and me) to Sogo. :D

Think it will be an expensive shopping complex but I don't care.

Fun to explore new places.

Hoping to I could convince A. Aileen to let me bring Joy and Jeans. If their parents let them come D:

Going to church tomorrow again after tuition to make banner AND bolotie cause we didn't have time to finish it last week.

Don't remember anything else.



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