Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Games *LessThanFour...Books. HAHA*

Not a single negative comment about the Hunger Games!
Gosh! That is freaking awesome! D:

So excited for the movie to come out soon.
I always wanted to read the series but never got the chance to buy the books! :/
Always get shivers when I see the trailer. 

No hate or anything, but it totally pwns Twilight any day.
But still: As awesome as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Red Pyramid.
Not sure what I think of LOTR (Lord Of The Rings). That book series kinda crept me out when I read the whole THICK FAT books in Holland at the library.

Back to Hunger Games:
I did read the last book's few pages in Popular. Mockingjay I think.
Katniss married Peeta and had two kids.
Interesting ._.

On a side note, I won't update about camp because too much stuff happened and I'm lazy to choose which was more interesting. HAHAHA.

Lazy. As always.

Don't care. Just go and read Jeans blog for the camp post! :P

Haven't been to school for 2 days. Stomachache and rashes.

Guitar class was pretty fun. Stayed back with my mum and Jessica cause she was all alone till 10.20pm. O_O

Spent the time chatting with Jessica while my mum disappeared and wandered around.

And it's time I tell you the truth.
I absolutely despise Twilight now.
I admit, Taylor Lautner is hot and all but the show and the books? Suck platypus shit.
Sorry bout the language.
Yes. This is a rant on Twilight. Don't like criticism? Take a hike. Literally. Hopefully through a cemetery.

I used to think it was okay. So and so. yada yada yada.
At least I thought it was bearable.

I mean, creepy though. Vamp dude meets emo human girl and wants to drink her blood so bad.
And woah. Did I mention emo human girl who never smiles has absolutely no flaws at all?
Get real. We're HUMAN. We have flaws.
Not to mention the fact that Edward decided  that he doesn't want to eat her. He was in love with her.
Aww. Isn't that sweet? My vamp boyfriend doesn't want to eat me because he loves me.
Oh, and he stalks her when she's sleeping. How kind of him.
One fact that ruined my image of all the vampires I've ever read about?
Edward sparkled. SPARKLED.
He doesn't drink blood. Doesn't kill.
What is he? A unicorn?
Okay. Skipping to the last book because I don't want to talk too much about Jasper, blood, woods, yada, yada, yada.
Guess what? That's right.
They have a hybrid baby that tries to kill Bella because it wants her blood.
Awesome, isn't it?
Oh and Jacob falls in love with the baby.
Isn't that considered a little pedophile-ish and eww?
He used to 'love' her mum.
And Renesmee is a baby.

Such a sweet. Sweet little story.
I wept from the stupidity of it.
No offense to Twillight-ers . But seriously.
What's so interesting about the plot?
It disgusted me.

I remember watching "Eclipse" (was that the name? Not the sweet.) on the flight home from Netherlands.
I fell asleep in 15 minutes, woke up, switched to another show because it got boring.

Sorry for the aggressive manner of speech.
But I'm sick of hearing people say Twilight is the best thing ever.
Because it's not.
And I'm aware I'd probably get killed by Twi-hearts for this.
Deal with it like a man.

The Red Pyramid was awesome! Couldn't stop reading it.
Hoping to collect more of Rick Riordan and Nicholas Sparks books.

By the way, Taylor Swift's cat is super cute.


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