Friday, March 23, 2012

Joy's Polymer Thingy :)

Hey guys!
Sorry for the evil rant recently.
Didn't mean to crude but idiots get to me sometimes.

Not you.

Been having an evil day at that time because of JERKS.

I need to stop saying that -.-

Me thinks this is supposed to be about Joy's polymer clay thingy.
That I made for her.
Whut the cerrrrraaaaaaaappppppp.

I don't think I made it so good but then, I tend to think everything I make isn't good enough.
Crazy crazy girl.

Weellll. Here goes.


Just kidding. That obviously came from Paint.

Here goes:

Don't mind the fishy background.
It used to be the mat thingy they used for plates or something but I used it for playing with Play dough when I was a kid.

Nothing changed ._.

Don't be fooled by the looks though.

It's not as bad as it looks.


Just kidding.

It's worse.

I fail at art.

Back to writing, it is.



P.S. It's kinda pink right? Oops. But Orange and Dark colors were yucky with that. So I was left defenseless against the wrath of pinky.

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