Friday, March 2, 2012

Just a sm:)e

Hey (:
I'm so happy the weekdays are finally over :D
I'm not really sure what I should blog about now.
Yay! Hmmm...
Nah, I don't know.
Planning to write a short story during the holidays (:


Yay! I was pretty worried when my second piercings closed up.
I didn't want to waste my money :/
Butt now!
Teacher Ho offered to pierce my ears again for me! :D
So excited!
Going to get Jeans or Joy to take a video of it and post it here ;)

My woodwork for KH almost got trashed when I was chasing someone out of the Bengkel :/
Have to finish it soon! Hopefully by next week.
Still have so much to do!
It's actually fun to do, but the pressure we get to finish it by a certain date ruins everything! :S
Plus, with having extra students in class who are finishing their project last minute, most of the equipment is being used all the time.

Looking forward to tomorrow! :) Can sleep through the morning!
Tuition is okay, I guess. The teacher is nice :)
After that, Banner and Bolo-tie making at church.

Don't know why some people think school's boring.
I mean studies are awfully boring.
But other than that, it's more like interesting in a bad way.

Made a new friend today! :)
Teachers separated all the classes into their Rumah Sukan and most of my friends aren't in mine!
So I just hung out with a friendly Malay girl who was also alone.
Ended up laughing and joking around so much, the teacher shushed us.
Pretty embarrassing but it was worth it! ;)

That's all for now I guess ! (:

Byebye :)
Maine <3

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