Sunday, March 11, 2012


Supposed to do banner and bolotie today.
Ended up in the saloon to wash and blow dry my hair D:
RM25 man. Not too expensive BUTT STILL.

Learned about protection when having sex in tuition today.
Watermelon and AFifthRoot was sitting behindbehind me and Esther.
So whenever teacher asked questions like "Who used a birth control pill before?"
Watermelon always yells MAINE or ESTHER.
AFifthRoot is a good boy. HAHAHA. He never does anything like that.

When the teacher asked "Who has ever used a condom before?"
Esther said VEMLANN!! really loud.
The teacher asked her "How do you know?" HAHAHA. In a joking way la.

So epic la.
My mum didn't fetch me to church! D:
She forgot about me and went to PJ with dad.
Had to walk to Uncle Bulldog's house and ask Aunt Carol to take me there.
When I got there, I didn't know where to go ._.

The uncle came by and told me they were in the Sarah room.
So I went there and saw the FARTS.
So bored after a while, I drank Milo and help them cut out the frogs for the bolo-tie.
Pris came back from buying food and she shared some with me :D 
Jeans came after a while.
I thought "FINALLY." Thought they'd never come.

Then Joy came. Didn't expect her to be late. SHE IS ALWAYS EARLY.

Then we realized we had no banner or material to make the bolotie. HAHAHA.

That awkward moment when we realized we were there for no reason at all.

HAHA. So we started braiding each other's hair.
 I'll post the photos later. Too lazy to transfer to computer now.

Grace Amanda came! HAHA. She was like what are you guys doing?

After a few good hours of hanging around, laughing, talking and tying hair, decided to go out and get something to eat (well me.) BUTT WEIGHT.
Got sidetracked and went to the saloon instead with Joy, Jeans and Grace!
You know what happened.
*_* Will post the videos later two! :D HAHAHA.


The auntie said have to wait for 20 minutes (but it was longer than that!) So we read a Chinese magazine and talked about stuff.

I want to go to GM soon! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY.

The lady who did my hair had SUCH PAINFUL NAILS. Kept wincing the whole time. O_O

 Grace went home a while after that.

The washing with water part was nice. Made me sleepy. HAHAHA.


I was pretty relieved when she blow-dried it straight.
I hated her painfully long fingernails.

Joy, Jeans and I went to Mini Dickson after that so I could buy snacks and a drink!


When we got back to the church, we went to the toilet. Then back to the Sarah room for a while. Said goodbye to everyone.

Ended up talking Punitha, Nancy and Sangeetha . Keep pointing out random strangers and saying that's YOUR BOYFRIEND. HAHAHA. It was fun! :)

Then they had to go back :/

Hung out with Jeans and Joy. Dr. Lee came by and I passed up my guitar class registration! :D

Jeans had to go back after that :/


Talked to Joy about random things until she went home. THEN I WAS ALONE. My mum finally came after 20 minutes.

We went home. Then we went to Pak Li to eat and tapau food home.
Got sidetracked and went to Tesco for my pimple cream. And bought things like Pjs, deodarant, headband and hairclip. HAHAHA.

So now I'm home and blogging.

Should be going to bed butt I'm not sleepy. YET.

Yay! Ru Min said the guy I dreamed about MIGHT BE REAL D: D:
 Didn't think of that.

That reminds me. When I think Ru Min, I think ROO Min. Like a Kang-a-ROO. I like Australia :)
NOW THAT REMINDS ME. Met someone on Youtube who has my name and is and Australian engaged to an American. D: So nice to talk to people who knows how it SUCKS to be called CARMEN. 


Well, I hope it's real anyway :)

 THE DREAM not the Australian girl. HAHAHAHA.

Goodnight and ChocolateKizzezzzz.


Maine :)

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