Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ranting about Jerks, My Bra-ther, My Brother and My Brother. Did I mention my brother?

Heyy! :D

About one of the recent posts, I can assure you it's not about a certain mango I know.
It's more about the people I bumped into today.
Or every weekday to be exact.
*Arrogant schoolmates*
Like what happened today.
A guy was running up the stairs and I was walking down the stairs.
He didn't look where he was going and knocked into me.
And made me drop my Percy Jackson book.
And he had the nerve to say "F*** you la! Bodoh sial!"
So I did what anyone else would do.
I slapped him really hard and told him to watch his stinking tongue.
Then I picked up my book and walked away.
He was too shocked to do anything. HAHAHA.
Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so evil.
Another thing that happened today.
My classmate hammered my finger during a KHB project :/
We were just chilling and doing out stuff when the teacher said something.
So we all looked at her.
I was holding the wood in place when my friend had the brilliant idea to NOT stop hammering the nail.
So she hammered a little too hard and started hammering my finger.
I don't think she realized what she did till I screamed really loud. HAHAHA.
Everyone stared at me.
One more story to add to my collecting of embarrassing stories.
I might write a book about that one day.
HAHAHA. *Not* *Maybe* *You'll see*

And the most interesting topic of all! ;) 
I'm perfectly fine with you asking me to cook. And sharing my chocolate with you. And hogging the computer like a pig.
But the one thing you should NEVER. EVER. DO. is to READ MY BLOG.
Because you're MY BRATHER.
Unless I say otherwise :P
If not, I'm going to share embarrassing stories about you to everyone I know.
Granted. I have way more than you.
But most people know about it anyways :P

Don't mess with yo sista! 

Maine <3 :)

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