Thursday, March 8, 2012

School Today!

Exams are almost over! :D
3 more papers to go.

School was fun today. Despite the fact the exams were on.

During the English paper, I kept hearing people calling my name and yelling out the question numbers, asking me for the answers -.-

IT.IS.AN.EXAM. What do you want me to do? Yell the answers back at you and get a 0% for helping you cheat? One girl even dared to call me stingy. Well then, she's lazy for trying to get free answers!
If she wanted help, she could have asked me for help BEFORE the exam started! Zeeeez. -.-

Some girls came to me during recess to ask about the English test. It was pretty funny to watch them overreacting when they found out their answers were different from mine. HAHAHA. I'm not so sure I did the whole paper correctly too. :S

Shawn asked me if I simply did my Science paper cause I finished it in 25 minutes even though there was 30 objective questions and 20 subjective. I didn't! Well... On some questions, I guessed. HAHAHA. Science and English was quite easy.
Seni was okay okay la.

KH, Sejarah and Geography tomorrow.
Feel like crying.
2 of my most hated subjects in one day :/

Been addicted to Danielle Steel's novels lately.
I cried when I read a particularly heartbreaking one today.
Was supposed to be studying, but the story was too interesting.
HAHAHAHAHA. Who cares. O_O

Dad is sick. I hope he doesn't have dengue fever!
First time I'm not sick during exams.
Usually I get a headache or fever.

That proves it. No revision or studying, no sickness.
Yeah. Didn't study till last minute for exams.
Lazy Maine.
First time I'm not the only one sleeping like the dead in class during tests too.
But I think I influenced people with my bad behaviour. O_O
Oh well, once it's happened to you, it's happened.

Btw, watch this video:
KONY 2012

Joseph Kony MUST be stopped!
We need to increase public awareness about this.
Ryan Higa originally uploaded a shorter, easier to understand version of this video.
BUT apparently, he removed the video minutes after I watched it. Because there might be a scam issue O_O
So if you didn't watch it, I'm sorry. You can't unless he decides to put it back up on Youtube. :/

That's all for now.


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