Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Amazing :)

Hey there!

I just got the music sheet for JRA's By Chance (You & I) which I felt like I've been looking for rather hopelessly. =O

Thankfully, an awesome person on Youtube had transcribed the song! And the piano sheet is downloadable for free. How great is that?

David Choi is coming to M'sia on 20 May! SO EXCITED. But I hope the tickets aren't expensive.

Feel as if I've been avoiding Joanne and Aijean lately.
Didn't mean to but it just turned out that way -.-
And since when have I started calling them by their normal names?

On the bright side, I got a few of my friends at school to listen to JR Aquino's songs. They said he has a nice voice :D

Syahirah and Atikah were making this kinda name thingy of everyone in class to stick on the wall. Mine was "Maine The B'nana" cause there wasn't enough space for my whole name. Vegetable got "Tay the Ham..." which was supposed to be hamsap but we didn't want the teacher to see it and yell at us. HAHA.

Didn't get to finish my Geo folio. But that's okay cause my teacher won't be around till Monday! :D

Have to make more class decorations. But I'm not doing it with Jihah again today cause I have tuition -.- and no transport. So I'm doing it by myself and she's doing another one by herself.

A lot of people complimented us on the decos we did yesterday :)

Even a girl from another class asked me to make one for her class. HAHA. Crazy.

I looked funny carrying a huge piece of board to school . But oh well.

What happened at Jihah's house yesterday :

Didn't actually do any real work for 45 minutes or so. HAHA. I reached her house around 4pm. We started searching for quotes to use and watched Youtube videos on the side with her Ipad. Kept coming across loveydovey quotes and bad words quotes that were pretty funny but WRONG.

Wanted inspiration quotes! Not inspirational quotes about LOVE LOVE LOVE.

She had a grandfather clock in the corner that made weird twitting sounds every hour. I got a heart attack when I heard the "twit, beep, twit" sound. And yeah, I kinda overreacted and screamed. Jihah muffled my screams with a pillow. -.- Trying to murder someone who volunteered to help. KIDDING. Hahahaha!

Finally started on the project. Drew and painted alphabets :O And we were almost finished when I said I was hungry. Jihah went to cook potato wedges and I got even hungrier smelling it from the kitchen.

Her little sister came home when Jihah came back to paint. Lil sis was pretty cute and very talkative! Made me feel nervous when she watched me so closely when I was painting. Got drunk a few times and laughed like a witch. Lil Sis asked Jihah "Eh, Maine ni mabuk ke?" Jihah just said "Memang la."

When the wedges were finally out of the wok and into a nice huge plate, Jihah took one and popped the whole thing into her mouth. And started throwing a silent fit like this "Ahhh! Pananas! Panas!" in a muffled sort of way. I was laughing too hard at her expression to help her. HAHA. She laughed back at me when I tried to do that too -.-

Lil sister borrowed the Ipad and started talking about a haunted house in Malaysia. Me: Won't she get nightmares? Jihah: Yeah, tapi dia ni tak kisah la.
Her sister brought in a cat from outside. :O. Fat and fluffy one. Half ginger and half white. She put it on my lap and it refused to get off. I didn't want it to get off either but my hands were covered in paint >:l
Finally managed to shove it off after readjusting my legs.

Then lil sis no 2 came home. Cute girl with short hair and big eyes.

Since we were already almost finished anyway, we cleaned up the table and floor. Potato wedges finished a long time before that happened. HAHA. Shame.

Jihah brought out her DSLR camera and started stalking me. -.-

Then she asked her Little Sister No 1 to take a few photos of us together. Her sister kept laughing at the funny faces I was pulling cause I wasn't really being serious. *I don't say?*

It was almost 8.40pm and my dad hadn't come to pick me up yet. Her sister (Talkative one) said "Maine tak perlu balik la. Tidur atas sofa." Jihah: Ehh, can also la. Bapak dia pun lupa datang. HAHA.

I was pretty tempted to do that too. There was air cond and nice big couch and I was exhausted.

Butt still. HAHA.

He finally came after a long long time. I said my byebyes and dropped dead on the car seat.

I was that tired.

Didn't really want to go to school today but SEMANGAT!

LOL. Made no sense. Cheh.


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