Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Haircut. The Story Never Ends.

Hey yo, peeps!

Yeah.. I know what you're thinking.

ANOTHER haircut?

Didn't you get a new one in December last year?!

Yada, yada, yada.

HAHA. Just kidding. Seriously though.

If ONE more person pulls my hair in school again, I'm going to shave my head and go bald -.- Like a monk.

It's so hard to re-tie my hair when they pull it out every time I tie it back!

Annoying jerks!

I really want to be a nun now. Just kidding :P

At least if my hair is shorter, it wouldn't get in the way too much.

I've been thinking about it for a really long time but I was indecisive about whether I should do it or not.

So I think I shall! :P

Hayden Panettiere's hair is amazing! And she's a really good actress too! :)
But I'd most likely be keeping short bangs.

I can't cut it too short too. Then they'll (Idiots)  pull my HAIR instead of my HAIRBAND -.-

I find them so ANNOYING and BIPOLAR.

One second, they'll be teasing me. Then, they'll apologize. And tease me again not a minute later!

I don't understand boys sometimes.

PJK was absolutely exhausting today.

I played badminton with 5 different people (at alternate times) non-stop till I got distracted and stopped. HAHA. Even one idiot who actually hits the shuttlecock really well. It was really fun!

But I got super sweaty and thirsty after that. Totally worth it!

I was actually planning to get just a trim.. But Jeans said that would be so bleekkkk.

Troll. So I'm going all out and changing it.

What can I say? I get bored with same old same old hair, easily.

I asked Jihah what she thought of me snipping off my hair and she said it's good to get a change every now and then! :)

She suggested a asymmetrical haircut (which is basically long in front, short behind) like this:

It's quite pretty. But I don't think it'd suit me very much :/

Managed to narrow down my crankiness to the fact that I'm suffering from insomnia(That is wayyy worse than the one I usually have).
Sigh. Some people really need to respect other people's need to sleep and stop making so much noise after midnight! (Or whenever I'm sleeping).

Had a crazy idea to super glue Ryan's hair. Then I realized how mean it was and how mad he would get O_O. That was the crazy idea. Too crazy! AND MEAN .

Second idea: Use a mask to scare people.


Dammnnnn. That's sweet :)

So the hair-cutting will be with my whole family. Jeans, Joy and me (Maybe Meg) are going out to watch Hunger Games this Saturday. Been dying to watch it! But someone or the other is always BUSY -.-
Hope Joy can make it, if she can't.... Movie night later on.

Feeling annoyed and cranky with EVERYONE today.

Damn this lack of sleep.

Sometimes I think about how better life would be if I just died in my sleep one night.

Suicidal? Maybe.

You probably wouldn't understand if you've never had that time in your life when you just want to give up because it seems like there's nothing worth living for anymore. It's like living in a world of darkness and there isn't a light in sight.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not planning on killing myself or doing stupid things.

I'm going through that time in my life where I just want God to take me away from this world.

I mean, what I am doing here anyway?

I'm not useful. I don't make a difference in anyone's life.
I might as well disappear off the face of this planet.
I don't usually think as negatively as this.
I know God puts us all in this world to make a difference. Show love to others.
But I don't think I'm doing anything like that.

Maybe when the world gets brighter, I'll be able to think as positively as I used to.
But for now.. I'm stuck in a world of darkness. And I don't know how to get out.
Nothing is working. Music, television, reading the Bible. Can't find anything to distract me from feeling this way.
That's why I'm blogging about this.
I guess, I just need a place to rant about how I feel.
Wishing for death is probably the biggest and stupidest secret I've ever had.
And now you know.
I'm not as happy or perfect as I pretend to be sometimes.
I'm human, I have a lot of imperfections I can't fix.

It's ridiculous really. But dumb things happen for a reason, I guess.

Switchfoot songs are pretty nice.

Poem by a certain Tiffany Franklin online describes the way I feel at times.

We struggle to have meaning
in this world which we all know.
We try but yet we wonder
where we all should go.
Hidden in the questions
which we can not find.
The answers are all hidden
deep inside our minds.
Hidden in our soul
is the life we try to hide.
But in time it will find you
and it will release
all of its secrets hidden beneath .
So before it ruins the life you have made
release those dark secrets
and the memories will fade.
Hidden in our lives are stories left untold
of the things we didn’t want them to know.
But once you tell somebody
and make your feelings known.
The struggle will be over
and you’ll finally be home.


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