Monday, April 9, 2012

Butt butt, An email and just stuff.


Charlene replied to my email.
After months and months of waiting-.- HAHA. Kidding.
Can't blame her though, she usually plays dutch games and stuff when she goes online.

I highly suspect that Aunt Chris dictated the email though.
It's rather too perfect, me thinks.

:O But her English when writing isn't as good as her Dutch, so well.

Strange yet cool.

Asked Commander Daniel on Skype if he stares at asses. HAHA.
Trying to prove I'm not a pervert. At least not the only one.

Ask Ryan at lunch yesterday too.

He said something like "Of course la. Who doesn't?"
 HAHAHA. Guys and their asses.

Just sayin'.

Ian said I was weird for asking. Duh. You're too young to look at asses anyway.

Yerrr. If you don't want people to stare then don't have a nice butt la.


LOL. Started using Pinterest. Officially I mean. Got an account and all :)

Sigh. Life is so complicated now.

Hardly studied at school today. Most of my teachers didn't teach or weren't around.


I actually wanted to study today and they do this to me.

Have to tighten my specs. Keeps slipping off my nose. -.-

`Guitar class is on tonight! Not sure why I feel apprehensive.

Nada. nada. nada.

Buh byez.

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