Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Butt weight!

Really think we should quit asking people if they stare at asses -.-

A majority of them deny deny deny anyways, even if they DO stare at asses because they're afraid we might think of them as perverts.

Butt weight!

Some people said they do stare at butts.. but it depends on whose butt they're staring at. HAHA.

Nuff said? HAHA.


Getting tired of people denying it/ admitting it because it's annoying to keep track of who does/doesn't do it.

I stare at some asses and I'm not exactly proud of it but I won't deny that I do.

HAHA. Just sayin'.

But staring at cute guys' asses is normal. Not everyone does it, but it IS normal.

Example: Toilet papering people's houses/cars is normal in America but not every teenager does it, right?

I did some research and I think the results are pretty dead on. :O

So in conclusion, staring at asses is normal (For both girls and guys!)

It's just that not everyone likes to do it.


Girls do it. Guys do it.

Maybe you don't do it, but you can't judge me either :P

(The ass staring pervert)

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