Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids! ....For Fun. HAHAHA.

Hey there! :) Been messing with people's hair. AGAIN.

But I really wanted to test the Katniss braid on SOMEONE.

(That was Esther.)

Messed it up so I upgraded it :)

See? It's kinda .. thick? HAHA. BUTT WEIGHT.

Closer up!

Changing it up (:

Isn't the fishtail ending so much better and cooler? HAHAHA.
I'm joking.

But I really do prefer the fishtail!

My dad said "Hey ah! Your hair is still brown. Thought it would get darker when you're older."
So I took this photo to check if he's joking.

Eh! Not bad la. Still brown. HAHAHAHA.

Haven't thought about my hair color for a long time.

Nice to know it's still normal :)

Have a prettay crazy i-deer right now.
Only 3 people know about it (well, almost)
~Darren knows I have an idea. But he doesn't know what it is!
~Meg doesn't think I'm nuts enough to do it. But I am. :D
~Andddd,someone else who knows everything *winkwink*, but is sworn to secrecy.


Not sure WHY I want to do it.

BUTT, I will.

Been dying to do it for a while.

So I will! HAHA.


Crazy ideers! :D

But fun.

Making boloties was fun! Laughed so hard bout random stuff and the boloties turned out pretty awesome :D

Maine <3

Cookarama is coming soon! :D
Excited for cooking!
And Camporama too!
Campinggggg <3

Wish I could go to VBS and Jet Camp this year!
But I may be going elsewhere.

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