Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camporama 2012 :)

Hey you!

Anyway. I'm popping in to say hello and .. stuff.

Life's been crazy lately. Been practically LIVING in church.

And I'm going to church again tomorrow in the morning.


Camporama 2012 is in TWO DAYS.


Freaking awesome!

Excited and bersemangat! :)

Kelantan boleh!

Going to lose my voice. I just know it.

Screaming, singing and laughing too much.

So some of my friends been down lately. Sad, upset, depressed and very unlike themselves.

:( Life and the problems that comes with it.


So girls, just take a deep breath and relax .

We've all been there before and when I was feeling upset, you guys were really awesome and were so nice; I felt like crying because I found it slightly hilarious that I was acting like a sad child who didn't get a lolipop.

The point is, if anyone feels upset or angry about anything, just remember there are people out there (like me, cheh! Perasan!) who understands and you're not alone in this :)

Maybe it's because of relationship problems (which I really don't understand; I'm an oddity. HAHA), parents problems: YOU CAN'T EAT ICE CREAM AT NIGHT OR YOU'LL GET FAT AND DIE! (Yeah. Totally understand man. But parents will be parents.), eating problems (I really understand. Don't CARE if chocolate makes me fat bro! ), insecurity problems (I know man. Life can be scary sheettzz.)
Or anything else.

Even if I don't understand what you're going through, I'll be happy to listen and help you deal with it :P

Relationships problems I definitely know nuffin about.

I'm not a very likeyguys person. Only some. Special people who are willing to buy me a wheelchair. Just kidding. But seriously I want a wheelchair.


Argieoh. New way of saying aiyoh.


I don't like liking people who makes me feel self-conscious and shy but I can't help it.





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