Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey you! Haven't seen you in a while :)

Hey there! :) 

Yes, finally a happy post.

Finished up all my folios at last!

Going to watch the Avengers tomorrow! :) Added bonus!

Youth Alive is having their Fuxion launch and I'm looking forward to that! :)

I'm going to chalk my hair tomorrow (If I don't feel lazy, that is)

I've made friends (well almost) with the kitten behind my house :3

Shuuooooo ccuutteeee.

Beware of today (night?) (6/5/2012) because it's the Revenge Of The Sixth.

You'd geddit if you're a Star Wars fan :P

I forgot what I was happy about.

Being happy? HAHAHA

Going to skip Expedition and join the little Adventure Rangers :)

Dad is planning to launch a "Trollfaces" or "Meme" line of products soon.

Notebooks, bags, bottles, badges, stuff like that :)

With my help of course.

Need to get a name for the line though #thoughtfulgaze

Planning to make it as affordable as possible for people mah age.

I bought 2 nail dotting pens (black and silver) 2 bottles of nail polish (Glitter and purple) because I was bored and wanted to repaint my toenails #sheepishsmile

My aunt said she'd consider taking me to Holland this year again.

If I behave myself -.-

When have I ever done that?

Cheeze lady.

HAHAHA. Just kidding.

Ah well.

Need to stop reading sad stories.

People keep asking me if I broke up with my boyfriend or if someone died. -.-

I wasn't crying that bad.

Okay.. Maybe I was.

But that's what a good story does!

It makes me cry.

Bad stories though, I weep for the shallowness and ridiculous plot it has.

So Meooowwwww :) 

Good night and may the force be with you.

A little drunk and tipsy from laughter,
Maine :)
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