Thursday, May 17, 2012

Important Fart. Yes. FART.

Hello there :)
Guysgirlspedobears(eww you're gross. Go away!) Just kidding. HAHA.
I'm anxious and stressed out now.

I've finished most of my GMA requirements. Except for the essay.
Which I will be doing tonight.
When I have some inspiration.

HAHAHA. Forrggeeettt itttt .


I will be going for my GMA interview this Saturday.
And I'm flipping out like a crazy woman because I don't feel ready for it.
Also, I will be the only one in my church going.
I always thought that Samuel or Cheryl would get it with me and we'll suffer together.
But oh well.


At least Jeans and Sher Rin are coming to accompany me :O
If they can that is.
I'm flipping out like crazy.

I'll probably be mute tomorrow for a whole day.


And get fat.

Eating chocolate like no one's business. :P

Okay okay.

Off to do what I need to do.


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