Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yes, this is Maine :P

Hey there! :)
As usual.

Heads up, I'm making a page to drop in some deets about how my life is/was D:
Hahaha! I'm serious though. Not sarcastic :P

I've decided to become a prefect next year. Enough slacking for the lazy one.
I would prefer being a librarian for obvious reasons, like the fact I love books and I think the uniform is pretty.
But I would have to come to school in the afternoon to do stuff. So NEIN NEIN NEIN.
Prefect it is.
Not this year since I've too much to focus on now.
Prefects get to wear black shoes. BONUS.
I like black shoes.
My friend is encouraging me to be one.
She wanted me to last year but I was way too lazy to do it.
Finally, I actually feel like I should D:
So I shall.
Unless I chicken out.
Which I probably will.
Or maybe I won't.
But I don't know :P


My phone is dead and it has no chance of revival.
I really really need a phone NOW.
Everyone is complaining that they can't contact me because I have no phone and I don't remember their numbers too :/
Dad is stalling. HAHA. I think he doesn't want me to go crazy at the phone shop.
But I shall wait impatiently.

I have 3 new songs to learn on the piano . But I'm slacking here. #awkwardpokerface.

No one's giving me chocolate.

Oh well.

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