Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Day Letter Challenge? Challenge Accepted.

This is my second post today. I must be bored again.

Ever heard of the 30 day letter challenge?

30 Day Letter Challenge is a challenge where you write several letter addressed to different people, or your own hopes or dreams, and it's basically where you write everything you want to say to a certain person. Maybe even someone you've never met before. And yes, I summed it up myself. HAHAHA. Arrogance. Well something to look forward to when you're bored :)

I'm planning to accept this challenge, but I won't be very..consistent in letter writing.

I'll post the letter and all here when I write it out :)

And remember, INCONSISTENT updates.


I find this challenge pretty interesting because I can write letters to whomever, without them actually reading it. (Unless they read my blog, but mehh.) :D

And it's interesting too. So YAY! for that.

Just a heads up if you actually have time for this nonsense.

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