Friday, June 8, 2012

Apple pies :)

Hey there! :)

And no, this post isn't about apple pies. I just couldn't think of a title. Hehe.

I've been thinking about donating my hair for a long time. Even made a post about it. HAHA.
Butt I don't know how I'm going to handle having long hair when it takes some effort to keep it out of my face. HAHAHA. Oh well. Going to try my best to deal with it.

Anyways, cousin gave me and bros a job. Writing and stamping and stuff on envelopes. 50 cents per envelop. HAHA. Easy job and fun to do. About a thousand or more envelops to stamp/write/chop. Ahh. Still get paid at least. Just kidding D: I'm only doing it cause it's fun.

TRYING to learn Payphone and We Are Young on the piano at the same time.
Getting awfully muddled up.
Gave up and played Bromance 3 times with my specs off and eyes closed. Either way, I'm blind-ish. Only made one mistake. :)

So bloody ITCHY. Keep scratching my legs and arms.

Had a conversation with my brothers about relationship and all the weird stuff.

Me: Do you stare at pretty girls? Be honest.
Ryan: Yeah. I stare like this *demonstrates stare and starts giggling like a girl* and do that.
Ian: What I think of girls, they're crazy and weird.
Me: No, that's just me. HAHAHA.

My brothers will never get girlfriends and it's all my fault -.- for corrupting their belief in women.

HAHAHA. Just kidding. It'd be their fault. :P

My fringe is getting really long. Should cut but I DON'T LIKE TO CUT MY FRINGE. It makes me look younger and *sniff sniff* child-like -.-

I realized that I have extremely different interests with my brothers. The only thing we all have in common is liking Linkin Park, Italian food, The Rock, cats, weird dramatic funny shows in weird languages and idk what else. HAHA.

And due to the fact I'm not an extreme tomboy anymore and I like girl stuff, guys, hair stuff, church stuff, Rangers stuff, banana stuff and other weird collection of hobbies; they view me as a new species now. :'(

Planning to learn how to make a name bracelet. If it works, I'll post it here :) If it doesn't.. don't ask. HAHA.

Don't like Facebook much nowadays. Weird people talking to me and asking me weird questions.
Okay, weird is an insult to weird people. Umm.. Urgghhh-y people? Yup.

Forget you, urghh-ers.

Crave for chocolate and love right now.

I need more books to read.


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