Sunday, June 24, 2012

Appreciation Lunch, Singing and just Banana weirdness

Hey there! :)
Woke up at ehh, 6.50am this morning to go for praise and worship practice. I was actually pretty excited. HAHA. Got ready really really slowly, walked down the stairs, stepped on the cat's tail, spent the next 10 minutes chasing her and yelling "LET ME LOVE YOU. I'M SORRY.", waking up my brother by accident, petting her and finally leaving for church.

I met Esther at Kim Sun and ate some roti bakar and drank chinese tea. Chatted about random nonsense. Jeans came and we walked to church together. Musicians were tuning their instruments, practicing chords and talking in the second hall. We practiced all the songs. I loved the choice of songs. Had a runny nose because of *Harry Potter* but it was okay. I didn't really feel nervous about singing onstage, just really lazy and excited. HAHA. Weird combo.

Finally got to go in the main hall.  Tested the microphones and got a lot of "Shusssh!"-es from Esther and Jeans for whistling into the mic. Ehh. #YOLO. HAHAHA. Looked around the hall and saw many familiar faces, felt the urge to laugh for no reason. I do that when I'm drunk. Hehe. Worship started and it was pretty fun. I liked singing :) I just didn't like the microphone much. It was heavy and nahhh. Still fun though.

Appreciation Lunch:

Awesome stuff happened. HAHA. JUST KIDDING. I'm too lazy to talk about it so read Jeans blog. Only thing else I have to say is I kept dropping everything I touched for no reason. Okay, maybe there's a reason. But I won't tell you what :P Ehh. Smiled for no reason too. And laughed. Hehe ;) . Kept glancing at the back of the hall to look at people. No one in particular of course. Just curious to see anyone I don't know.

Banana Weirdness:
I quite like being a terrorist in Counterstrike. They have nicer weapons. HAHA.
Got really evil and terrorist-like when I was playing yesterday.
My brother was horrified.
Ian: Are you sure you're a girl?
Ian: You're talking like a real gamer D:
Me: Why, thanks bro.

Word of advice: If you're against violence, don't play any games I play.

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