Monday, June 4, 2012

Camp, randomness and just wondering-s.

Hey there! :)

Suffering from the feeling of missing Camporama.

There's going to be an appreciation lunch soon for EVERYONE and it sounds wicked.
Commanders are planning to take us out for a movie, high heels trying-on (long story), and just chilling with everyone who have worked together to make Camporama a success.

I think one of the best parts was the preparations for camp.
We got to practice the skit, dance, semangat songs, paint weird stuff and just really get involved in everything.

Attempted to do the games in my baju kebaya and man, for once, I did not kill or harm anyone during archery.

Kebaya power maybe. HAHA.

Did some running games in it too. The big ball thing. Had fun pushing the commanders around. HAHAHA.
The best part was when Commander Nate ran after everyone who were pushing the balls over and tried to knock us down.

Laughed like crazy at him.

Spent most nights staying up for a while and having "Confession Sessions" with Megan and Cheryl. And Jeans too whenever she's there.

Did NOT recognize my Ex-CF leader. He looks so different. HAHA. Felt so malu man. I haven't seen him to two years mah. What do you expect.

Semangat team was radical. Most of us lost our voices. Whenever we practice our song and yell in the canteen,  my 'gang' as everyone calls us will get up on the chairs and scream and move till the chair feels like toppling over. HAHAHA.

Pastor Gideon gave me a handshake after I got my GMA. I really felt like laughing and crying then. Emotional me :( When Esther came out of her Royal Patrol duty, she hugged me and Jeans randomly came and joined the hug. HAHA. Thanks guys. I really needed one.

The night rallies were really touching and I really felt God's presence in them. I cried once during the alter call because .. I don't know how to describe it, but I felt a stirring in my heart.

Another group hug with some awesome people after that :)

Some drama went on in camp too.

Had uhh.. friend problems.

Sometimes, I wonder why she thinks I have to be at her every beck and call when she ignores me when she wants to. Then she gets upset when I spend too much time with my other BFFs.

But on the upside, recognized most people in camp from Pow Wow, JTC, and etc. HAHAHA.

Especially the hot guys.

Just wak lolok-ing.

But seriously.

Looking forward to Pow Wow which will come NEXT YEAR OR THE YEAR AFTER.


Speaking of camps, sometimes I wonder what Meta, Jet and etc camps are like.

Most of my friends have gone for them and I haven't -.-

I'm usually overseas whenever those camps come around. ARGGHH.

I'll probably be overseas again this year when Jet camp is on.

The way my friends describe it makes me think of the camps as more of an outing, not an actual camp. HAHAHA.

Air-cond rooms, comfortable beds, worshiping in big halls, and water games in swimming pools.

._. Sounds expensive.

Being a Ranger from birth, the camps I've gotten used to hot sun, not-so-nice-but-not-bad food, games which involve running, jumping and almost-dying, pitching tents, recycling and reusing clothes, not bad toilets but not so good, half naked guys everywhere (seriously, I'm wak loloking), okayokay beds/sleeping bags,  steamroller Don, making up songs and yells for semangat, team spirit, leadership, discipline and getting the courage to do things I don't dare to do.

The camps I've never been for sound really nice but I think I won't be really comfortable in them.

I like the out-doorsy type of camps because I grew up in them. HAHAHA.

Comfort isn't something I'm used to :(

I think I'll try going for one camp just out of curiosity. HAHA.

Can't imagine what it will be like for once not to see half naked guys.

Okayokay. I'll stop with the perverted side of me.


Megan told me that one of the Commanders asked for me by saying "Where's your tai ka che (or some chinese-y word like that. Banana la.) ?"

Most people seem to think I lead a gang or something by the way they talk about my friends and I -.-

What is this man.

SOME people don't believe I'm socially awkward with strangers. Yeah maybe, I'm not as awkward as I used to be but I still am.. awkward with people. HAHAHA.

Him and his "YEAH RIGHT LA. You awkward meh?"

I can have friends and be very awkward la. The only reason why I have friends is because I'm weird and awkward and they're used to it. I think.

Another thing is people kept asking about my panau. Duddee. Seriously.

Sensitive topic for me.

I can be confident enough if I did not have panau.

You know how girls are like with their looks.

Had a creepy dream about the skin on my face peeling off O.o


Trying to get rid of the panau now. Takes time though. -.-


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