Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cousins, Games and Other Nonsense.

Hey there! :)



When Steffi gets back from U.S. , I'm going with my bros and a bunch of other cousins to play laser tag at I-City. HAHAHA.
Sounds pretty radical! :)

When Charlene gets back, I'll be having 3 (or less? or more?) sleepovers with my girl cousins: Viv, Ann, Mich and Charlene of course :P It's generally quite fun but Aunt Sam really likes to tease me especially in the morning when I look and act like a zombie -__-

Oh, that's right. Another BAD thing is; when Charlene comes back, I might be FORCED to wear a JUSTIN BIEBER SHIRT. Justin Bieber for banana's sake! WHY NOT something else like YellowBanana or even CHRIS BROWN? The thing is; we (me, Ann,Viv,Mich) got BIEBER shirts for Christmas last year. I almost died of horror. I think the only one who was really happy about it was Viv -_-

So anyways, please pray for me. Because I really will die if I have to wear that :(

I'm serious. HAHAHA. Really.


I haz no idea when I'm supposed to sing in the main hall. Not prepared at all. HAHA.

All I know is I'm supposed to do it on the last Sunday of the month. When is that? Don't tell me it's next week D:

Looking forward to the appreciation lunch the coming Sunday! :D

I'm planning to go for the First Aid-CPR course just to support my bro and my friends.

Yeah, nosy person I am.

I need to start practicing the piano again. Have 3 songs to finish learning -_-

Yay. Just Yay.

Joy finally got accepted by someone Small. OMCHEEZE man. I bet she's excited! HAHAHA.

Going to do something more beneficial.

That's right.



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