Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 1: My Best Friend #30dayletterchallenge

Dear best friend (whoever you are. JUST KIDDING. HAHA) ,

You're a pretty awesome person :)

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since the day we met. We were became friends by chance and I can honestly say, you make life in school so much easier and fun. Remember the first day we met? :) I was a little afraid you would be a hard working, silent person who wouldn't like me talking in class. When I found out you thought the same about me, I laughed my pants off because I never thought anyone would think I was HARD WORKING.

The funny thing was, the reason I sat next to you was because I came late and the only place to sit was next to you. You were alone because we all got mixed up in form 2. I don't remember the exact moment we became friends, but I DO know that we got bullied together a lot by some numbskulls and somehow because of that, we got closer. 

It's been a crazy ride. Talking about music, shows, books, boys and just random nonsense with you (when we were supposed to study)  made studying (is it counted if I don't actually study? HAHA) a lot more easier and fun :) You improved my BM and I helped you with your English.

I remember that awkward moment in Sejarah class last year, when you and I fell asleep. Because there wasn't a teacher teaching and we were both tired. When we woke up, our shoes and socks WERE MISSING. Scumbag boys. It was so silly, running all over the class, trying to KILL the guys who were tossing our shoes and socks around like they were playing basketball. I couldn't help laughing though, cause it was pretty fun. Don't get me wrong, I was still pretty mad.

We always fall asleep in class. Especially during Sejarah because the teacher doesn't care. And I know to some people, they find our friendship weird because you're Malay and I'm Chinese. But what differences does it make really? I learn more about your culture and you learn more about mine :)

Sometimes, I don't come to school. And you get bullied alone :( Then I feel so guilty because I promised to be there. But you always forgive me because you're awesome that way :)

It's fun to remember all the silly things we've been through together. You deserve an award for being able to put up with me and my nonsensical chatting for the past 2 years.

You gave me the nickname 'Lazy Maine'. And suddenly everyone's calling me that :O But it's true. I'm lazy and I show it. HAHAHA.

Lazy Maine :)

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