Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3: My Parents #30dayletterchallenge

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you for everything you've sacrificed and done for me. I know I've always been a troublesome, disobedient daughter and I'm sorry for that. Really I am. I've disappointed you so many times, I lost count :( There was a time when I kept secrets from you and completely withdrew from communicating with you. I felt so guilty and worthless. Thank you for reaching out to me and helping me realize what I did wrong without judging me.

Thank you for teaching me about God. Without you guys, I wouldn't have known how to turn to Him when I seek for help. Enforcing my faith and belief in Jesus when I was a kid, helped me turn away from bad influences.

Thank you for all the books in the house :) It gave me the love I have for books and made me capable of speaking and writing English more fluently. I know that when I was small, you were afraid I wouldn't be capable of speech because of that problem I had. You still buy books for me now, even when you think there's way too many in the house now. HAHA. The joy of being a reader :)

Thank you, for raising me up to be a banana. It might sound weird but it taught me many life lessons. I learned that it's okay not to be able to understand Mandarin and be different. Real friends won't judge me for being different. In our household, we always speak English, usually. Or Hokkien once in a while. And I like it that way :) (Thanks Dad, for not sending me to a Chinese school because everyone said it would be better).

Thank you for my piano lessons. I know they were a pain in the ass to pay because I had private lessons instead of learning at a music school. And you want me to start taking classes again, for my own sake. But it's okay really. I don't need piano lessons to pursue my love for music. I like it so much better learning alone :) It teaches me to be independent. Thanks for giving me a good teacher who was patient and understanding.

Thank you for the guitar classes too :)

Thank you for all those years providing me with chocolate, seaweed, chicken floss buns and almost every type of food I crave :3 I love you so much even though it made me fat.

Thank you for not pressuring me TOO hard about my exams and studies. Thank you for not giving me expectations to live up to.

Although sometimes you nag and nigger (LOL. What?) about my studies, lack of interest in certain things, me going out so much, learning too many crafts and about me (plus the bros) spending too much time on the computer, I know it's for my own good. And I'll try my best to stop. Really I will.

Thanks Mum, for helping me with my 'feminine' problems, and for being cool about me being a tomboy and beating up guys. I know it must be hard having two sons and a daughter who acts like a guy. HAHAHA. Seriously though. Thank you for not trying to make me change and become a feminine person. (Not that you didn't try but you didn't try THAT hard. HAHA)

You're amazing parents and I wouldn't trade you for anyone else :)

And I do love you. Even if I don't tell you that all the time.
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