Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 4: My Sibling(s) #30dayletterchallenge

Dear Ryan (brather),

I admit that I'm probably even more annoying than Ian. I guess I DO I tease you non-stop about girls you like, your enormous appetite (somehow you're still thinner than I am -_-), crazy fitness freak attitude, computer games addiction and so forth :P I talk all the time, mostly about crap, and yell in your ear when you're not paying attention to me. 

Thank you for allowing me to play football with 'the boys' when I was younger even though I was a girl. It pretty much toughen me up. Thank you for walking (More like CYCLING) next to me when I wanted to walk to 99 to buy something to eat because Mum said it was dangerous to go alone (Yeah LOL. Did it without her permission). Thank you for lending your bike to me when mine got destroyed.. by accident of course. Thank you for LAUGHING at me when I got chased by dogs for the first time. 

I can't remember the number of times you used to kick me out of bed when we shared the same room -__- If it wasn't somehow pushing me to the floor, it would be sticking your leg in my face or giving me so little space to sleep, I have to sleep outside with the cats. HAHAHA. You and Ian drove me crazy. Thank God for the bed I have now that I don't have to share with ANYONE. Thank you for turning off the lights in the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen when I was in there. Helped me with my phobia of darkness. I can now walk into a room and not be afraid of a creepy ghost haunting me. 

Thank you for all the computer games you play (and which I played when you weren't looking). I love killing people. HAHAHA. Not real people of course. Thanks a lot for tickling me to death when I refuse to do your chores for you. OUCH BRO OUCH. Remember the time when Ian was afraid of the dark and you invented "The Ghost Of Mississippi" to scare the crap out of him? We used to hide around the bed and shout nonsense at him and he'd scream his ass off. Best memories . HAHA. 

You made me the weird lazy person I am today :)

Dear Ian (brother),

Thank you for being a sweet, funny little brother who I can talk to about anything (Except for music. LOL. You hate my choice in music). I remember a time when you were a really spoiled brat and I had to discipline you because Mum was too soft on you. It was a hard time because we were arguing all the time and I got so frustrated, I thought of running away (Yeah, not a good idea) and started sleeping outside the bedroom on the floor or with a blanket and pillow, on the table (Crazy sleeping places, I know. HAHA). But then things started getting better. 

Thank you for listening to my weird rantings/chattings/noises. It's probably hard to live me someone who talks all the time. Plus all the noises I make on the piano and guitar . Thank you for sharing my love for books. It's nice to talk to you about books we both like :) Thank you for lending me your money when I'm broke. HAHA. 

I know it's hard to live with someone who's eccentric and annoying, so thank you for putting up with me. 

I tease you a lot about girls and stuff, don't I? I'm awful. I know. 

I know I used to prank you a lot with Ryan because you were so little and gullible. SO CUTE last time OMG. I'm not the best sister, I admit. Thank you for giving me an extra pillow or bolster, when I'm forced to sleep on the floor because of Ryan's enormous butt taking up all the space. Thank you for taking care of me when I'm sick even if you have to sacrifice your time (when you could be doing other things). 

Thank you for waking Mum up when I had awful scary vision that night when I had a dream about people's deaths and tragedies. I would have probably gone crazy if you hadn't. You were about 8 then, I think. Pretty smart for your age :P

Thank you for doing your chores like a good boy when I ask you too.Unlike your fat ass brother. HAHAHA. JUST KIDDING. You were both stubborn mules. -____-

Glad to have you around, bro.


On a side note, I'm glad I have brothers like you guys. My life would have been pretty empty and miserable without you around :)

S.N: Remember the silly 'childish' games we used to play? Especially during long car rides? Those were pretty awesome :) HAHAHA.

Love you bros :)

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