Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Fine Line Between Sarcasm and Insensitive Comments

Hey there! :) Just a quick update before I write about the topic I'm supposed to be writing about.
Had a pretty normal day. Didn't get annoyed so much and I had one of those rare mature conversations with some guys (which hardly ever happens fyi) who wanted advice on girls. Fancy that, asking a girl you tease mercilessly everyday about getting to know someone you like. But still, I liked it way more than the teasing.

Darren yelled my name when I was buying fruits near the church this morning. Was pretty surprised because I thought he was in school. Still pretty awesome to see him :) Miss the old deer sometimes.

Actual topic:
Yeah so, have you ever met a person who's so sarcastic; you just want to beat him to a pulp?
(And yes. I'm quite aware I have anger management issues. I'm dealing with it, bro.)
I'm pretty sure you have, because they're EVERYWHERE.

I've met people like him my whole life and honestly, no matter how many times I see people who are sarcastic and who treat other people like shit (excuse me), I get pretty upset about their attitude. I'm not a sadistic person (maybe a little? uhhh.), and I might have some anger management issues (growing up with 2 brothers and guys is NOT easy), but when people like him are sarcastic to me in a manner that is both rude and insensitive, it really gets on my nerves.

Seriously. Do you think it makes you look attractive and friendly? Cause I'm as sure as hell, it doesn't.

I like sarcasm generally. I even think it's funny sometimes. But when you say something insensitive in a sarcastic manner, you're taking things too far. For example, last week; a guy in my school came up to me and asked me in a really rude way, "Eh, what happened to your face huh? " and he said something else I won't repeat because it's both dirty and offensive. And I stayed perfectly calm and ignored him.

Okay, I lied. I lost my temper, pinched and slap his face. His glasses might have (or maybe not) flew off and fell in the drain. I'm not sure. It's a sensitive topic, okay? 1: It's none of his business. I don't even KNOW him for cheezels sake. 2: Be a bit more..POLITE maybe? I don't mind when people ask me politely. Maybe I'll feel embarrassed but when you make fun of it, it's insulting and insensitive, dude. Learn some manners or I'll slap some into you.

Yeap. So the next time you think about talking sarcastically, think before you speak and determine if what you say is offensive/insensitive or rude in any way. No one likes someone who say things without considering the feelings of the other person.

I try not to be sarcastic in a rude way because I don't want to offend people. And yes, I keep quiet when other people are being insensitively sarcastic sometimes because I'm just too sick and tired of their attitude.

Side note, same concept goes to insulting people. Don't say things like "Please la. He's not even handsome/hot or she's so yeerrr, I don't like her attitude! URGGHH." when that person is in hearing range. How would you like it if I talk about how insensitive you are in front of everyone?

Keep your *bad/rude/stupid/plain mean* opinions to yourself. And maybe. just maybe, you would actually have friends who actually LIKE you.

Plus, sarcasm doesn't make you cool. It makes you look like a person who judges and insults others because you have no life. When I ask you a question, I want an ANSWER. Not a sarcastic

I wasn't even asking a stupid, obvious question for the record. So saying that makes no sense.

Conclusion: When you're actually nice to people and just being yourself, maybe people would like you for who you are.

And don't say stuff like "Ohh! I was BORN this way." You weren't, okay? Your character develops as you grow up and who you choose to be is entirely up to you. But what you choose to be shouldn't be something that makes people despise you.


Thank you if you actually CONSIDER listening to my advice.
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