Thursday, June 14, 2012

Infatuation Or Love?

Not sure if I'm infatuated or in love.Not even sure if I'm using the right meme. 

OMCHEEZE note: Left my bihun noodles/mee/idkwhatpeopleactuallycallit cook for 20 minutes. ARGGH. Practically no soup left. HAHA. I is stupid. 

Back to the topic. Infatuation is intense range of feelings present at the beginning of most relationships; sweaty palms, rapidly beating heart, butterflies in the stomach. Also commonly known as puppy love or 'crush' . 

Love, on the other hand, is a calmer, more mature feeling. It is a sense of stability. Love is still exciting, at times. It can change day-to-day. Love takes work. The feelings are not supported by the highs of hormones, but by a shared love and respect for each other. Love is what exists after infatuation fades, if you are lucky.

The thing is, when I started liking him, I was ehh.. infatuated. Sort of. HAHA. I had all the symptoms. But now, I don't have those symptoms (maybe except for the butterflies part-but then again, I can't tell the difference between that and hunger. I'm hungry most of the time.) But what I DO feel is umm.. I don't know. I have a horrible urge to laugh hysterically whenever I see him, smile like a maniac for no reason and act even weirder and drunker than I usually am.

 So I think my conclusion is I'm not in love. Or infatuated. I just err.. think I like him, maybe? 

I told Jeans once that I'm never really sure whether I like him or like liking him because I laugh and get really high when I see him.

 Hypothesis: Some guys are like cocaine. They get you high..on oxygen whenever you see them.
Stay away from drugs :O 

Okay. HAHA. This is a nonsense post. Mah bad. 

But seriously, stay away from drugs.Maine.

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