Friday, June 8, 2012

LessThanThree? :)

Hey there! :)

I'm being unusually cheery despite the fact I have a fever and my head hurts like hell.
I don't really mind being sick but my body disagrees.

Dad took me out to buy more chicken soup because my brothers finished it all.
And more lozenges for my throat too. HAHAHA.
WHICH my bros also finished because they think lozenges are sweets -.-

He also bought me a 100 strings for my friendship bracelet making.
Which costs around RM10 for a 100 strings.

O.o I love my parents. Although I don't tell them that.. much. Hehe.

Look :P

It's really colorful and yummy looking :3

I likey.

Going to charge my aunt RM2 per bracelet if she asks me to make more again.
Want to pay back my dad.

Been working today despite the illness.
Wrote down countless addresses.

Please people. Next time when you order something online, PLEASE write down your name and address properly or I'll just say it's for Ms. Potato from Getting High On Oxygen Lane in Unicornland.


Just kidding but SERIOUSLY.

Song leading on Sunday again.
I have NO IDEA how they know my weakness for chocolate.
And bribe me with it.

But I don't mind cause I don't mind singing and getting chocolate. Hehe.

Going to choose very different songs from the ones we usually sing. I get tired of the same songs every week.


Chris Tomlin has a great voice. I like. HAHA.

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