Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading thoughts? Well, that's a thought.

Hey there ! :)

Holidays are over. Sigh. Did not go to school because I'm still pretty sick.

Went out to have some Chinese tea and lekor and random food with Meg, Cheryl and Wei Loong after Rangers. Jeans went back earlier :(
Some commanders; Cmdr Kwang Yew, Cmdr Hon Chong, Matthew (No commander there. HAHA), King Daniel, my DAD, and Commander William were at the table next to us. HAHA. I don't remember anyone else who was there ._.

So we were just chilling and using Wei Loong's money to buy food..and tea. Hehe. I feel guilty for using his money. Jon with an S came and Joy Jensen too. Everyone started chatting about reading people's actions and motives.

I asked Wei Loong, out of my whole group of friends, who was the hardest to read. And he said I was. I was kinda shocked at that. He said he couldn't understand what I think when I look at someone or talk to someone.
I had no idea I was that good at concealing my feelings :O

And I might have told Jonathan that every one of my friends (and me, maybe) prefer him to erm.. someone else. HAHA.

He's a nice guy. Cheryl asked him about drumming and whether it was hard to learn.
He said the BASICS were hard and there was something like a beat within a beat within a beat.
Beatception. I like. HAHAHA.

But I still REALLY want to learn how to play de drums. And bass guitar. And learn dancing. And whenever we speak of learning it, it's always "Let's do it. AFTER PMR." Nyem. I suppose they have a point.
We DO have to focus on that.. thing. But I hate studying.

I'm really gonna miss Camporama :( And hanging out with some pretty awesome people.

Father's Day next week :) Yay!

I have to go shopping for appropriate clothing because apparently everything I wear is NOT appropriate for me to sing in the main hall at church :O Arggh. I might even have to wear a dress or something. I don't really MIND dresses. I just feel uncomfortable and girl-y-ish in them.

Oh yeah, after singing in Sunday School, me and mah homies went to the fuXion service. So awkward at first. We stood around outside, wondering if we should run back to SS till Cmdr Kwang Yew saw us and opened the door. Then we had no choice but to go in :S I went in first, arm in arm with Meg. I walked really fast to the second row and plonked myself on a seat next to Sam Ong.

Some people were saying "Woah, checkered shirts ahh?" and stuff like that. HAHA. I think Sam asked me if we planned it and yeah, we kinda did. :P The only ones not wearing the "box box" shirt was Pris and Joanne. Forgot to tell 'em about it.

Eugene Chew was talking about money. Pretty interesting and made a lot of sense. Problem was, I have NO MONEY. So I don't have nothing to worry about. HAHAHA.

Then was the Birthday celebration thing. We stuck around long enough to sing happy birthday and watch them cut the cake. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I can because I was laughing really hard for no reason. Okay, I lied. There was a reason but I'm not saying anything :P . Megan was saying "siao again la Banana." And I just kept on giggling really hard.

Jeans asked me WHY I was laughing. And I randomly said it was because of Cmdr Daniel's friends. But I wasn't really thinking properly ._. Too high on laughter. It was partly because of "Dat ass" thing. But not really. I was actually thinking about how weird I get when I think about someone. I laugh too much to the point of getting high on laughter. Smile like a banana. -.- too.

My hands got really cold in fuXion. I'm a cold-blooded murderer, okay? :P
Whenever I touch Megan's arm, she'd go "Yerr! So cold!"
Me: No cold la! Just really..umm..frozed la!
Cheryl: What you guys talking about?
Me: Touch my hands. Are they cold?
Peanut: (touches hands) Ehh! Very cold la! Like you live in a freezer.
Me: A FREEZER? Srsly?
Meg and Cheryl: YES.
Me: Okay :(

I guess I'm not hot. HAHA. Literally.

I've always known I'm not a hot girl.

Ate lunch with Commander Daniel and his gang. Pris was going "Ehh! Why my guy not here?" Sad face. Then we started chanting "Babyface! Babyface!" and got weird stares from the guys. Hehe. When Benjamin came and joined us, we were like "Woah man. He acts like a gangster O.o"
But he's cool.

Oh I forgot. Meg, Peanut and I MIGHT have invited Jon S and his buds to hang out with us.. one day. Just for kicks.

We're friends, brah. Don't make assumptions; if you're making any. HAHA.

Ah! Another thing I forgot.
In fuXion today, I kept trying to look behind.
Not to look at hot guys la. Too see who was wearing checkered shirts.
And Jon S and a few others were :O
Checkered epicness maybe :)

Saw K.Daniel's friend who's a girl, whom I've met a few times during the before/after Camporama hang-outs in fuXion. She's quite pretty and nice.

Ahh well.

Arggh. Banish this illness! I can' t do anything without wanting to sleep/faint/die.

Oh well.

Going to do some random stuff to ease the boredom.



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