Friday, June 22, 2012

School was Fun-ish. I like.

Hey there! :)

Ever felt like just staying in bed and thinking "Eh! Forget school la. Sleeping is nicer."
That's how I felt this morning -__-

But being the ever so diligent, focused student (LIES-Okay, I lied -_- You know I'm lazy), I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower. Why did I do that? I have no idea. LOL.

When I got to school, the first thing I noticed was ALL the Malay students were missing. Thought I was imagining it . HAHAHA. Turns out they went to the surau for a ceramah.

A Chinese teacher went onstage and asked all Chinese students to go to the Language Room. I had no idea what she said but thank God for my Google and Bing translators. HAHAHA. And it turned out the language room is too small to accommodate all the Chinese students :( Argh. Bye bye air cond. Didn't even get a chance to enter the room. I had to sit outside in the corridor with my friends and ATTEMPT to learn Mandarin. My friend told me to say "Wo Ai Ni" to some guy sitting really far away and I yelled " Oi! Wo Yao Ta Ni! " or something instead. HAHA. I don't say " I love you" for fun. But we had fun. Just chilling and talking nonsense. 

Sin Yee started talking about "boyfriends". And Yi Wen was saying " I know who! IVAN QUAH!" Sin Yee poked her with a pencil and Yi Wen pretended to cry and told me "She tried to kill me." And made the baby pout. Sin Yee was going "ehh! Where got la. Poke also can die meh? " HAHAHA. OMG MAN. I almost died choking on laughter.

Another group of girls were sitting next to us. Friends but not so close. Mee En said " Wah! Speaking English ahh." cause everyone else there was talking Chinese but banana mah. What to do. Sin Yee yelled back " Yeah! Talking ang mo lang!" Laughed even harder because of the way she said it. 

HAHAHA. Chinese people kill me. Literally.

Then we had to move to the hall. Ahh. The ceramah guy really nice and funny. He was from uhh, INTI university/college, I think. Ryan said "That Darren guy damn awesome." and I agree. HAHA. Darren Teoh was his name. The number of Teoh/Teo (s) I meet :O

Everyone was laughing really hard. Honestly one of the best ceramah (s) I've ever heard in my life. LOL.

Spent the rest of the morning doing nothing much till Geography.

The teacher made us copy notes in 5 minutes and pass up :O

I don't know if I should thank her for believing we can actually do it or be annoyed my hand got strained after that. HAHAHA.

But still, it's cool :)

P.S. Considering changing my middle parting in my hair to a side part kinda permanently. What do you think? :) I've had a middle parting for years and I want to switch it up a little.

And PLEASE don't tell me "Go left or right, it's your choice." HAHAHA.

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