Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sm:)es and Teehees.

Har-lo people! :)
That's how my cousin says it.

So anyway, been working on the envelopes and addresses again. Hehe.
I noticed some cute names (well, cute IF you translate it to English) like Wonderful Dreams, Pickle something and more weird names . (If it were in English, it'd be weird lo. HAHA)

Anyways, I've been lazying around halfway and doing other stuff in between breaks and work.

Made a few sample bookmarks/odd stuff out of string :)

Not so appealing but hey bro, samples are samples for a reason :P

This is the name bracelet thing-ish that I use to make the bracelet 
Not sure what to call it. Ermm. Pattern to follow? HAHA.
And yeah, that's my piano chair. I use it to store craft stuff and umm.. piano sheets too.
I think.

And this was the first attempt. HAHA.
Not really nice but not exactly bad either, in my opinion.
But then again, 
my opinion is not really to be counted on.

If you can read it, CONGRATS :)

for having a good eyesight. HAHAHA.

Boreeeeddoomm. Yeap. 
That's the reason I blog.

Someone once told me I talked through my nostrils. 
I assume he's talked through his nostrils before to know what it's like.

See the part called the Uvula?
I did not have that when I was born, bro.
I had to have an operation to MAKE one and even now, it's not exactly in the middle.
A bit more to the left. Or right. But not the middle.

Before that, I couldn't talk without my mouth hurting like hell.
Granted, I was only 1 or so then, but my parents remember the times I cried when I couldn't talk.

So yeah, I might talk weird but I'm grateful being able to talk at all.

I would love to hear him talk with no teeth at all though :)
Now THAT'S a thought.


Enough ranting for now :/ Haha.

Just skip it if you're a lazy reader.

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