Monday, June 18, 2012

Testimony and other stuff.

Hey there!

My Camporama 2012 testimony has FINALLY been published! :)

And Sher Rin wrote one too. I like her one :)


Those crazy people ah -.-

I sent the entry as MAINE TEO.

And they changed it to CHARMAINE TEO.

Okay :(

They know me too well -.-

Shouldn't have gotten my GMA this year.

Oh well.

I'm getting addicted to Counterstrike.

I've said this before but, "Shooting people is fun"

When it's not real people that is.


I went to church in a dress yesterday.
It wasn't THAT bad but I was strictly limited in it.
(So to speak)
I couldn't run -__-
I had to walk arm in arm with Megan because the sandals were a pain on my feet.
But besides that, it was okay :)

Gahhh! I DON'T LIKE my shorter fringe -_-
I can't manage it properly.
Everyone's saying that they want to cut their hair shorter because of the weather.
And I'm planning to grow out my hair to donate O.o
Meg said she wants to join me in the hair-growing process.
Yay! For Sakai.

We were ushers for the day. And it was slightly awkward asking people if they were dads. I stood next to Megan and smiled away like a maniac and said "Good morning" or "God Bless You" to random people, holding the basket full of "Superdad" badges.
We pinned the badges on Commanders who were like our "fatherly figures" too.

I got a laughing fit halfway from smiling too much and I had to run and hide in the bathroom till I got sober enough to come out. That didn't work :( Once I smiled again, I laughed even more and had to avoid eye contact with Cheryl and Megan.

It was pretty cold standing outside the main hall. So I went off to the stairs to talk to Darren, Samuel, Esther and Joanne. They were talking about "Going to PJ church to see a certain Small person." Literally Small. Because Joy likes him :P And I thought that was seriously creepy sheet. Stalking people is NOT okay. I like some guys from PJ but I don't intend to STALK them -__- . Okay, maybe I do it sometimes. Maybe. But at least I admit I'm stalking. Not overly stalking. Just a little bit out of curiosity.

Joy actually used Sam's FB account to see a half-naked person who was pretty Small. (That sounded wrong.) He was naked on/at the top half of his body, CHILL. And she asked me if she was being perverted. Hello? You're telling this to a girl who stares at half-naked guys (with abs) without shame or remorse. :P HAHAHA. But seriously though.

When we finished our ushering duty, we went inside the main hall. NO SEATS. So we sat at the back on the floor with Jon S, David Sup and the rest. Darren, Sam and Joy decided to go upstairs halfway because they didn't like the nice cold floor. I was comfortable enough so I stayed where I was with Esther, Meg and Cheryl.

We missed the Praise and Worship :( Next time then. Oh WAIT WAIT. We actually went to Dickson before that to buy food and drinks. Then we lepak-ed in the multipurpose room till we finished all the food. HAHA.

Stayed back for a while (on purpose) to talk to the guys/commanders/people. Some Commanders came up to me and said "Fuyoh, Najib tweeted about you!" I didn't know what to say to that. Hehe. So I just smiled.

Went to the Fellowship hall with Meg and Cheryl to take Cheryl's bro, Nicholas to his parents. Kept talking about how "cacat' and out of place we felt in the dresses/skirts. Chit-chatted with a few people there and because we weren't planning to eat at the back (no money, no food -.-), we started walking to the restaurants. We were discussing what food to eat when we saw Andrew, Elijah, Grace Tan and a few others. Talked to them and Andrew asked us to join them and eat as a gang. HAHA. So we went back to the fellowship hall and Andrew asked the uncle there if there were more tickets for the chicken chop or whatever. They said "Maybe. But have to wait." because they didn't know if there was enough food.

So 12 of us went to eat chicken rice/other stuff at Kim Sun (?). Some of the topics they talked about was WEIRD and OBSCENE. But really really funny. Started choking on my rice at something Cornelius said and  I couldn't stop laughing. Cheryl kept hitting my back with her fists and I laughed even harder.

Elijah asked us (Meg, me, Cheryl) who posted the "Expedition Girls are sexy and awesome #pedobear" , something like that through King Daniel's profile on FB and I had to admit that I did it. At least what I posted wasn't a lie. HAHAHA. He said "No wonder la! I knew something was wrong." I said "Oh wait, so you think we aren't hot?" :O And got no reply. HAHA. I think he didn't hear me because Cornelius was talking to us at the same time.

But it was a joke la.

Went to Meg's house to tune her guitar and hang out. I started playing and her mum came upstairs and told me she asked Sarah to turn off the TV to hear me play. Oh stop it you! HAHA. So malu. Then I taught Meg how to place her fingers on the fret board and play a few simple chords.

Went back to the church and talked to Andrew and Jon S for a while. We ate Alpha course food with Brian/Bryan Jun, Sher Rin, Sher Men and talked about Rangers and nonsense. The nuggets were so naise :3

King Daniel came after a VERY long time. He was on the way for a while. HAHA. Went to Jusco with him. He bought ice cream for us and we chilled. Bought a few stuff and went to Popular to scout nonsense. Saw a book "How to Make Out in Japanese" and Woah, that book had a lot of bad words.
It was kinda funny though. In a bad way.

I was really sleepy and tired from lack of sleep. Cheryl was too. Meg was going crazy with a really fun game on Daniel's iPad. Her new boyfriend's a purple fat guy who eats his own snot. HAHAHA.

Went back to her house and slept on her couch till Dad came.

I went back home and ate Mum's awesome food :)
My Mum's food I love <3

Then I watched CSI:NY till 10.00 and Big Bang Theory after that.

Finally dropped dead on my bed.

It was a fun day.


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