Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, this is awkward.

Hey you! ;)

Just landed myself in a pretty awkward situation. This guy (my FRIEND apparrotly-yes I'm well aware I spelled that wrong) knows I know his ex-girlfriend but doesn't know I'm no longer her friend and haven't talked to her for about 4 years already due to a misunderstanding wants me to ask her for her number so he can CALL HER MAYBE. I mean sms. And he has a girlfriend now -__- Talk about douches. I have no idea why I signed up for this. He practically BEGGED me to ask her about it. And I have to do it because.. he's my friend. Annoying. Idiotic. Douche-y. Friend. My soft heart kills me.

On the brighter side, I received 3 orders for name thingys which I still haven't given a name to yet O.o Ermm. Name dangly string thing? I suck at naming things.. and babies. Oh my cheeze, I pity my future children. No idea what names I might give them and they'll be stuck with it for the rest of their lives like I'm stuck with mine now O__O

LOL Okay. 3 orders from my classmates. Mhhmm. At least I can earning extra money doing something I like. Instead of lazying around and getting fat like I usually do. HAHA.

Look at this ! :D

And no, it's not a cookie with nails in it. 
It's part of my friend's KH project but she isn't using it. 
And LOL, chill. That's not poop on my thumb. 
It's seaweed .

KH was okay today. Thank God. 
Jihah wanted to go outside to hammer the hooks and something together for her project so I went out with her to help.
Problem was, I wasn't much help :P
I helped her hammer the wood thing(?) and talked about nonsense.
Then Intan came and she's pretty good at KH so she took the whole thing and did the work efficiently.
When I was doing it, I kept hammering my thumb because I got distracted. (hehe)
She knocked the nails in without hitting her thumb once O.o 
I took the blue perspek and stared at things with it. 
Got bored of that and hammered nails into that drawer-knob thing in the photo.
HAHAHA. Intan saw what I was doing and said "Eh Maine dah gila la."
Jihah said "Memang la." I just laughed like a maniac for no reason. 
Boredom gets to me :P

Ever heard of "Flashers" ? 
You know.... a guy flashing his umm...junk?
My English teacher was talking about Flashers.
Not randomly la. 
Shawn's zipper broke and he ANNOUNCED it to the whole class "Hey Teacher! My zipper broke. How?"
Teacher said "How what? Hide it la!" Then we had a really weird conversation with the teacher for 15 minutes about some weird random guy flashing his ... thing at some girls from school. Laughed so hard till I cried. Someone asked the teacher, "What is diarrhea?" She said "The opposite of constipation." and explained it saying " When you're constipated, the poop ahh, VERY hard to come out." Malaysian slang. "But when you have diarrhea, ......" Some people said "It comes out very easily?" She said "YES. Exactly." 
It was interesting. Suddenly talking about flashers and poop in English class. 
That's why I love English classes :) 
Besides the language itself. HAHAHA.

Oh right. 
Blog again when my life turns interesting.

P.S. Esther has/is getting a haircut (or got) and I can't wait to see it :) Shooo. I'll miss her long hair though 

Ah well. Papaya!
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