Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Can't I Focus?

Hey there :)
Got BULLIED today. Urgh.
I hate you, you little pineapple.

I was wondering, a few minutes ago, about why I can't focus on something properly.
Even when I'm watching Youuuchhoouubbb videos, I have to pause every now and then, do something else and then go back to it.
And I LOVE Youuchouuub. A lot. What is wrong with me?

Bad habit! Bad habit!!


Very short post, I know.

Have other things to focus on.

30 Day Letter Challenge! :)

It's epic.

Butt. I have a teeny problem.

I probably won't have time to do it till next week.

The EhehehehNAUUMMehemehem is this Saturday. Pretty excited :)

Going to give a testimony in fuXion on Sunday. How did I end up doing it ? -___-

Andrew better help me with it or I'll die laughing when I'm supposed to be sharing a testimony.

Public speaking grade: COMPLETE FAILURE.

My Science teacher praised me for speaking up in class when the whole class was silent. It was embarrassing but I HAD to do it because she was already mad at us and I wanted her to calm down. HAHA. She's a good teacher but we get on her nerves all the time.

And I feel guilty because I'm one of those causing havoc in class.


Turning over a new leaf.

Gonna be a good girl for LYFE.

No not really.



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