Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Airport, Body Language and Stuff.

Hey guys! :)

As I predicted, I wasn't able to blog yesterday. Hehe.

Well, I woke up at 12pm yesterday. Overslept again. -__- So I didn't go to school. Took a shower, ate some biscuits and played the piano till 2pm, when dad decided to leave the house. Talked to Dad on the way to the airport about this and that. It was pretty quiet without anyone sitting in the backseat snoring to death.

When we reached the airport, Dad parked the car. Wasn't sure if the car got fatter or the parking lot just looks smaller O_o. LOL. Yeah, we went up the escalators and walked towards the area around Burger King. I immediately saw Auntie Chris, Charlene and their very familiar luggage. Told Dad she was there. Auntie Chris suddenly called my Dad and asked "Where are you?" Dad said "I'm behind you." Auntie Chris said " What?" and he kept repeating "I'M BEHIND YOU." really loud. But she didn't hear. So Dad being the crazy person he is, said "Never mind. I'll scare her." Then he sneaked up behind her and cleared his throat. The look on her face when she turned around. HAHAHA. Exchanged hugs and hellos, how was your trip and so forth.

Waited for Jun Min and her Swedish boyfriend, Joel to come. They'll take half the luggage and one person, we'll take the rest and another person. Weird arrangement but yeah. HAHAHA. Went to Burger King to eat. Dad and I went to order the food while the others sat down to rest and chat. I was SO hungry. I would have ate a durian if there wasn't any other food. LOL. Not that desperate la.

After the food came, I just sat down and stuffed my mouth with the fries, onion rings and chicken tenders and listened to the ladies have a conversation about something that happened in Skippo Airport. Auntie Chris said she met the girl who used to work in a cheese farm, but the cheese farm closed down, so that girl's working at the airport now. She talked to the girl and got makeup and/or something that costed almost 50 euros. And THAT is a lot of Malaysian Ringgits O__o . Freebies just for stopping to chat with somebody she used to know.

My Dad and Joel were talking about cultural differences and all. Then Charlene took out some BLUE mascara and a mirror. She sat there and started applying it on her lashes. I just stared at her with really wide eyes. I was shocked at  the the fact she's only 9 and she's using makeup. HAHAHA. Auntie Chris was laughing at my expression -__-. Then she asked me, "Do you want to use some mascara?" I shook my head really fast and said "No way." Not a big fan of makeup. Hehe.

Charlene took out some strawberry lip gloss and put it on. Not sure if she wanted to look pretty or see me faint. LOL. Left the airport after we finished eating. Took one luggage bag and Charlene in our car. Auntie Chris and the other two bags went with Jun Min and Joel. Talked to Charlene, did random things till we reached Auntie Aileen's house.

We reached first although we left later than Jun Min's car. Charlene started digging in her luggage bag to find chocolate to put in the fridge cause we were afraid they'd melt. They brought SEVEN KILOS of chocolate. OMG. YUM YUM. Charlene handed me a plastic bag and said "Here's some chocolate." So I looked in to check and got a shock. LOL. It was umm.. not chocolate, It was undergarments. She laughed like crazy when I said "This is not chocolate la." So I knew she did it on purpose. HAHAHA.

The others came after 15 minutes of us being there. Dad and Joel started talking, so I went into the bedroom with Auntie Chris, Jun Min and Charlene to sort out the clothes and all. Auntie Chris gave me a dress, random articles of clothing and a Popeye the Sailor Man's Olive shirt O.o . The dress was quite nice. Fits me pretty well, meaning it hides my tummy. HAHAHA. I'm supposed to wear this to Steffi's wedding dinner. Damn. And I thought I could get away with jeans and a t-shirt. Starting to like dresses. Not really LIKE it, but feel more comfortable wearing them. Embracing my inner feminine side :P

Jun Min got a NEON pink dress. Made me half blind when she tried it on. HAHAHA. Not to be mean but it's really bright! MY EYES. LOL. Took the chocolate and stuffed it in the fridge. Took out a chocolate bar and we shared it. Yum :3

Jun Min and Joel left after a while, to get ready for dinner. Dad went back too. I stayed for fun. Felt so HOT in my jeans. Not being perasan ah. Yeah, went for dinner and blah blah blah.

Read Cornelius' book on Body Language. Going to start studying people. That book is really interesting. Only thing I don't like is the parts where they say we evolve from apes. Don't believe in the Evolution theory of Charles Darwin. Sorry.

Ian pissing me off. He fell into my bed from heaven and woke me up at 2.30am -__- He KICKED me out of my OWN bed. I didn't sleep till I had to get up for school. Insomniacs do not appreciate being rudely awaken when they have trouble SLEEPING in the first place. And he's being a rude pain in the ass now. Urgghh. I would strangle him if I could.

Laughed really hard in school today. Talking nonsense with the guys. They thought I was replaced by an alien because I wasn't serious like I usually am around them perverts. LOL. WTH.

Look at what I made:

And yeah, 21 is my favorite number. Hehe :) 
Maine Lyn is the name I much rather prefer to Charmaine.

Speaking of names, A.Aileen got confused with me and Charlene again. She turned to ME and said "Charlene, you don't want to change your clothes?" LOL. What the heck. It happens all the time, trust me. Especially with Charlene around. Have to get used to people calling me Charmaine again. Sigh. They're the only exception. 

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