Sunday, July 1, 2012

Archery, Church and stuff


Hey you! :) LOL. Went for an archery trip yesterday. Forgot to blog about it (No, I was just too lazy). Anyways, I was supposed to meet up with the others for breakfast. But then my dad took a really long time getting ready -__- So I went an HOUR later than I was supposed to.

When I finally got there, all those crazy people started screaming my name and going mad. HAHAHA. Got so confused when I saw everyone wearing the Camporama 2012 shirt. Then I remembered we planned to wear it together. So forgetful -__-

I forgot what we did after I arrive, but I remember just hanging around and chatting about random stuff. Kept calling Cheryl because she wasn't there yet. Went in Cmdr Nat's van. My dad was in the passenger seat. HAHA. Awkward when your parent sees the nonsense you do with your friends, ain't it? :P= 

We were noisy most of the time and quiet at intervals. I had a headache for some time because the van was stuffy and I got kinda dizzy. FINALLY REACHED Times Square. YAY. HAHAHA. I saw so many interesting shops. Scary ones too.Wanted to go but we had to go straight to the archery range. Waited for some time. Wanted to buy fries but resisted the urge. Strapped on the gear, I forgot the names. hehehe. And took our places at the ermm.. whatever you call it. Then one of the workers there came and demonstrated how to shoot and aim properly. Didn't really listen, just went "Woahhh! Ehh, can hit the eye la. He put the arrow like that." and talked about the arrow poking our eyes if we tried to hold the bow like he did. LOL.

So I didn't really obey that part. HAHA. I just did it the way the guys taught me in Camporama. Aim up and then lower and shoot. Did quite well compared to last time. Almost killed the worker last time and went way out of the target reach -__- I've never been good at aiming .

I ran out of arrows faster than the others did. I got used to reloading the bow (Played too many games. HAHA) Esther asked me to use her arrows because she had a LOT left and her arm ached. So I did. Wei Loong came and helped her use up her arrows too.

When I finished, I waited for the others and stood there, just thinking deep thoughts that I was  too embarrassed to share. I was also thinking about buying fries at McD too. HAHA. We went to buy 6 packet of fries and a Fillet O' Fish (for me. Haha). Which reminds me, I still owe someone money.

We went for lunch after that. But since we already ate enough fries to make us fat for a lifetime, we just sat down somewhere and finished up our fries. Didn't feel much like talking but I said something every now and then. Too hungry to care about the discussion. When I finished, I got up as quietly as possible, threw away the rubbish and went to Cold Storage to buy a drink. Didn't want anyone coming with me, because I needed some time alone to think. I love my friends, but sometimes I just want to be alone for a while. 

Saw my dad and talked to him for a while. Then went to the drinks section and I couldn't decide what I wanted to drink. So I just picked a Limeade and went to the counter to pay. Bought some chocolate on the way.

Went back and some crazy people attacked my drink. It was quite nice so I went back with Meg and Cheryl to buy more.

(Damn, I'm feeling lazy now)

Went on the Monorail to Pavilion. Wanted to stay in Times Square but some people thought Pavilion would be more interesting (Not to mention extremely expensive and posh -_-) Pavilion was okay. Saw a lot of high class shops there. But the BEST part was the stairs. Ran up and down non-stop like crazy people with Meg, Esther and Jeans.

Cheryl and Jeans disappeared after Commander Nat? Dad? Someone? said we could do what we like and meet back at 3.30pm. Went off with Megan and Esther. Saw a few shops we knew and pointed out the clothes we liked. Each time we passed by a shop, we'd go "Woah! So expensive le." and so forth. HAHA. Poor girls la. Have to be thrifty and wise when it comes to money.

Went into Parkson and saw a bunch of nice looking things that were crazy expensive. I bought a headband which was pretty cheap compared to the other stuff there. HAHA. Cheryl and Jeans came with Wei Loong after a while. My leg was aching like crazy because of the extreme walking.

Went back to the place where we had to meet after looking into a few more shops. The others were tired but I couldn't bring myself to sit down till the others came. So I went with Esther to the highest floor. Went up by escalators. Walked around and "Oahhh"-ed and "Ahhh"-ed at the food. Went into Starbucks and bought a hot chocolate.

Went back down, meet the others and walked back to the van.

Cheryl slept in the van, so we took some photos with her :P Jeans' idea.

Got back to church, bought nasi lemak and came home. I love going out on trips :) I like coming home too.

I was supposed to come early today. But I came late because I knew the others wouldn't be that early anyway. Came, talked to Joy for a while and left with Megan to have some breakfast. Jeans and Esther met us there after a while. Finished eating and talking, went to the fellowship hall. Doctor Lee was song leading. Was back-up with Megan and Esther. (Blogging as fast as I can) Had to sing really high pitched at some parts. My throat felt funny after that. Sat there long enough to sing Happy Birthday and give the offering (which I forgot to do. Lol) And rushed to fuXion after that. Cmdr (Ex?) Sherene was giving a speech so we sat there and listened to it as best as we could. Got distracted by Nigel and Sophie running around. Shoo cute :3 Kept smiling and laughing when I saw them .

Had a discussion about what Sherene shared after that. I did my best to say something cause I hate awkward silences. Lynette shared a lot about her experiences. I like hearing other people's thoughts and testimonies. Just not my own. HAHA. The food was so yummy. Em yum yum!

Look at him :3

Nigel looked so cute when he was trying out the food :) His reactions made us go "Awww!". His Mum told him to "Stay away from girls." HAHAHA. Jokingly la. Patrina also said something about destination and journey, which I'm too lazy to explain.

Had lunch. Full stop. HAHAHA. Wasn't that good but okay.

Went to Rangers. I was so bored. Had absolutely nothing to do.
Just observed people and took photos of sleepy-heads.

Well, wouldn't you look at that?

                                                         Sleeping like a beauty queen :) 

                                                     "I like watching you sleep. HAHAHA"

Went to Adventure Rangers for a while. Saw Cmdr Kwang Yew in his car when we were walking there. Jeans and Megan were telling "No la. We're going there for a while only!" and all. Because he asked us to go to Expedition Rangers today. HAHA. Wasn't paying attention as usual to the conversation.

Went to the foyer after Rangers. Talked with Jon S for a while at the Alpha course with Meg and Cheryl about learning how to play d drums. Andrew came, so we chatted with him about something I forgot about.
Came back home and a stray kitty showed up.

Jeans scribbled this on my arm.

HAHAHA. Interesting, don't you think?

Feeling weird and moody today.

I think it's because I'm exhausted.


I thought about some things a lot today. Yeah, deep thoughts. Problem is, it's too personal even to share with my best friends. Some things are better kept a secret, in my opinion.

I don't feel like doing anything. Not even sleeping or watching TV. If I could, I'll just turn off the lights and sleep for an eternity.

Wish I didn't get my GMA and stayed in Adventure Rangers. I miss the excitement and fun I used to have there.

Very depressing post. I'm sorry. Lol.

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