Friday, July 20, 2012

Cell, Music,Differences

Hey there! :)
Guess what? That's .. right(?)

Cell is on tonight :) YAY! FINALLY. After half a year. HAHA. But YES. So excited :D I freaking love cell. The food, fellowship, worship, EVERYTHING. Hehe. Yes, I might be a little crazy right now. Cell was the highlight of my weekdays. There's going to be some changes, but hey, it'll still be fun. Things change and people change.


Thinking back on my background in playing musical instruments. Sometimes, I'm disappointed at the fact I gave up on piano lessons. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. But it's also something I regret. My 3 (around my age) cousins are still having lessons and most likely progressing to a higher level. I'm playing songs I learn from Youtube and printed piano sheets (Oh, don't get me wrong. I like doing this).It's hard not to feel like a failure, for giving up without finishing what I started.

I have to admit, I wasn't the best student my teacher had. I hated the responsibilities and the fact I had to practice songs, scales and arpeggios. It's too much for my constantly distracted mind to handle :P The structure of the lessons and all, just wasn't my thing. I prefer doing what I want. But it would have been nice to finish Grade 8 at least. HAHAHA.

But all in all, I'm happy I decided to quit. But giving up DOES come with a few regrets. In my opinion, ever since I stopped having lessons, I've actually gotten better at practicing and all. When I was having classes, I didn't practice much. Rebellion against my parents for making me have lessons. HAHA.

Glad I picked up the guitar. Hehe. Drums will soon be learnt :D

Your decision changes your life. For better or worse, that depends on the decision :)

 As for me, the decisions I've made, I'm okay with the fact I've made them. (What the heck. I didn't get that either.) Good or bad decisions, it made me the person I am today :) Teehee.


Something I've always said is "You can get along with anyone, no matter how different you are from him/her."

Sometimes I wonder if this is actually true. I'm nothing like my cousins (Mentioned above). My Lim (Mum's side of the family. HAHA) cousins play by the rules all the time. I break the rules when I'm feeling rebellious. Their main language is Mandarin. I'm a banana and I have no idea what chingchangchong is -___- We have extremely different tastes in music, books and stuff like that. They like to finish what they start. I stop when I'm not interested in it anymore.

But we get along okay-ish, I guess. It's not one of those crazy stories where we despise each other with every bone in our bodies and crap. HAHAHA.

Not sure if it's just me with my cousins or everyone has a relationship like this with their cousins. Hmmm.

But who cares. Family's family.


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